State Sen. Julianne Ortman joins Republican race to challenge U.S. Sen. Al Franken

  • Article by: Joy Powell , Star Tribune
  • Updated: August 3, 2013 - 6:34 PM

Julianne Ortman has represented Carver County in the state Senate since 2002. She joins a hotly contested GOP primary race.

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vegas2112Aug. 3, 1312:39 PM

RE: “Our citizens want our government to be solving problems and working on behalf of the people. Instead what we get are celebrities trolling for headlines...” --------------------------------- Ortman has been in the state senate for 11 years. I'd like to know of just 3 problems she has solved in all her time in the Senate. The last thing we need in the US Senate os more tea party representation -- and that is exactly what Ortman would bring to the table.

exrepublicanAug. 3, 1312:48 PM

"Less taxes and more freedom." More slogans and talking points from the obstructionist party that screams "we're broke" when it's domestic spending but is as quiet as a church mouse when THEY are spending trillions on the military globally or giving tax breaks to the very wealthy and the oil companies.

railroadAug. 3, 1312:51 PM

how can she represent the GOP when the GOP didnt endorse her for re-election last election? Did the GOP decide she was good enough now?

furguson11Aug. 3, 13 1:24 PM

"State Sen. Julianne Ortman said Saturday that she will run in the highly contested Republican primary for the U.S. Senate, hoping to unseat Democrat Al Franken next year." Pretty much a contest to take an electoral beating. Frankin can at least argue that he worked in the private sector, while Ortman has had that sweet gig with the Hennepin Sheriff's Office.

martin68Aug. 3, 13 2:02 PM

Franken is a coward. He will not take a stance on any difficult issues. Unless it is keeping children from chewing on lead toys -- then he is totally on board. We have had no leadership from him and Julianne Ortman would be a refreshing change.

elmore1Aug. 3, 13 2:25 PM

If she presents a common sense, moderate agenda she has a good chance. Al has just been a DFL rubber stamp. Still disappointed in his lack of attention to Obama Care (Medtronic). Let's bring in people who take the role seriously.

guth54Aug. 3, 13 2:40 PM

She fought hard against the State of Minnesota subsidizing Vikings Stadium with their ridiculous financing scheme. That's enough for my financial contribution and support. GO JULIE!!

checkfactsAug. 3, 13 2:43 PM

Will Ortman support the Minnesota taxpayers and make the Minnesota Senate Republicans pay the Brodkorb legal costs? Will she fight to make Brodkorb's list public or support a settlement? She has been too silent on this controversy and either she knew what was going on or was a weak senator and outside the power brokers in the Senate. Where does she stand?

checkfactsAug. 3, 13 3:20 PM

I seem to remember the Star Tribune reporting that on May 11, 2007, Senator Julianne Ortman was present in the Minnesota Senate Chamber at the same time she also claimed to be at work in the Hennepin County Sheriff's Office as a full time employee. Perhaps this was to make up for the times she was at her Hennepin County job but absent from the Senate and still claiming her per diem pay. I'm sure the Star Tribune will cover this lapse of judgement in a future article. The article is the the Star Tribune archives and should be re-released to searches.

ajdoonAug. 3, 13 3:25 PM

Go Julie! Franken won via voter fraud which got us ObamaCare. He was one of the senators who wrote to the IRS to investigate conservative groups. He has never spoken about this topic nor has the StarTribune ever asked him for comment. Shame on both. I will vote for any GOP candidate just to get ride of worthless Al.


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