Herbert Chilstrom: Gay acceptance and churches

  • Article by: Herbert W. Chilstrom
  • Updated: August 3, 2013 - 4:48 PM

Despite the pope's warmhearted words, don't expect immediate change. Instead, be patient.

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d_king91Aug. 3, 13 6:21 PM

This Pope bring innovative philosophy

lordhawhaw1Aug. 3, 13 7:13 PM

Homosexuals are people like all of us and they are loved and welcomed in the church. But the homosexual lifestyle and marriage is not is not compatible with church doctrine going back to St Paul. Being a male adult my instincts tell me I should try to "Get to know", every female I am attracted to but church teachings tell me it is a sin. I guess if I don't like it I can always leave the church but I know they are right. Same goes for everyone else. Play by our rules or don't stay a Catholic. I was also taught something by my parents... Mind your own business. I think a certain ex-Lutheran might learn something from that.

irc218Aug. 3, 13 7:15 PM

In all do respect to the Bishop, I would say that you are mistaken. The Catholic Church has ALWAYS been welcoming of sinners. Look at the first 12 top recruits of Jesus. It's unfortunate that the other Christian denominations are unable or unwilling to fully understand and respect the Doctrine of the Roman Catholic Church. To the Bishop, what did Jesus tell (or instruct) the prostitute at the well? Doctrine tells us that the gay lifestyle (as well as other lifestyle choices) is a sin and because the Church as ALWAYS stated that it is a sin this makes you along with millions of others question Church teaching. This is not new; many back in Jesus' day questioned Him, His words and His practices. We are just as patient with you and the millions of others that it, too, will take decades for the aforementioned to understand the Truth.

detachedAug. 3, 13 7:20 PM

It took until 1992(only 330 years) for the catholic church to apologize to gallileo for imprisoning him for questioning, based on scientific observation, catholic orthodoxy that all heavenly bodies revolve around the earth. John Nienstadt probably still believes that. So don't hold your breath.

Wally_99Aug. 3, 13 7:36 PM

The militant queers and their supporters should shut up as far as getting into the face of the Catholic Church and trying to make it accept them. Find a different church that accepts your lifestyle - it will not be the Catholic Church.

ivaro3Aug. 4, 13 8:53 AM

So what exactly is a "straight lifestyle?" Does that mean it all resolves around having sex with the opposite sex? It's strange how a certain segment would think that a "gay lifestyle" would revolve only around sex. Doesn't leave much time to work, eat, sleep and be a responsible citizen, does it?

MichJoe500Aug. 4, 13 9:04 AM

It appears Bishop Chilstrom continues to have a weak grasp of Catholicism, but given that he's not Catholic, this is understandable and perhaps not to be held against him. He seems to be inclined to put a non-Catholic stamp on things Catholic, whether it is regarding Biblical interpretation, moral theology, development of doctrine, or Catholic ecclesial structure. Again, this is perfectly to be expected from one who is not Catholic and dedicated to another Christian denomination, and one that developed out of protest against the Catholic Church. The danger the Bishop faces is in fostering continued division between Catholics and other Christians, which is unfortunate when we're at a time in history when ecumenism and interfaith understanding is valued as highly as it is. It was the 1960s when the Catholic Church, during the Second Vatican Council, took not just a step, but clearly extended an open hand to non-Catholics and non-Christians to dialogue toward understanding and goodwill. Is this a setp Bishop Chilstrom is taking? But then, perhaps I'm unfairly expecting something of Bishop Chilstrom that I shouldn't since I am not one who shares many aspects of at least his personal faith tradition and is not nearly as knowledgeable of it as he is.

humblemonkAug. 4, 13 9:05 AM

Wally_99, Did you not hear what Pope Francis said. "Who am I to judge... must NOT be marginalized... gay persons are our brothers and sister..." Here you are inviting the same to go find a different church which is the very opposite of what Pope Francis is calling us to do. 99.9% of gay people are not "militant queers" It was not merely the work of that .1% that changed so many hearts and minds our this issue but the open and affirming presence of our gay brothers and sisters, aunts and uncles, sons and daughters, parents, siblings and friends and the righteousness of our example as people who in the end are virtually no different than anybody else that has changed hearts and minds. You need to get unstuck from that tired old meme of "find another church". It is not what the pope or the Church are calling for at this juncture in history. The Holy Spirit is changing the paradigm. Listen then, if you have ears and a heart...

ebfauvelAug. 4, 13 9:22 AM

"[T]he homosexual lifestyle and marriage is not is not compatible with church doctrine...

Doctrine tells us that the gay lifestyle (as well as other lifestyle choices) is a sin...

The militant queers and their supporters should shut up...

Find a different church that accepts your lifestyle..."

Judgmental comments like these, coupled with the teachings of most of the "in your face" Christian denominations, helped propel me to atheism faster than I would have gotten there otherwise. I suppose I should thank them, for I've been a much happier person free from the shackles of religion.

spicebearAug. 4, 13 9:24 AM

Bishop Chilstrom and Pope Francis are both good people doing their best to make their respective Churches relevant in a rapidly changing culture. One by re-defining and expanding doctrine, the other holding firm on doctrine but reminding the faithful of their duty to love their neighbor. Neither approach will stop Agnostic Secularism from becoming the norm.


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