New Vikings stadium gives nod to birds

  • Article by: ROCHELLE OLSON , Star Tribune
  • Updated: August 1, 2013 - 11:28 PM

Lights can be turned off to help migratory birds, but transit station concerns remain for passengers.

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marketerAug. 1, 13 7:30 PM

Is there anything else that could possibly make this project even MORE negative. A bogus tax shift, ignoring the City charter, biased reporting by an interested party (Strib), a faulty funding system and now this. Not to mention unneeded! I am truly embarrassed for Minneapolis.

infoninjaAug. 1, 13 9:57 PM

If we are gonna get ripped off, can we at least get a better looking stadium? Cave men would be disgusted with this monstrosity.

DufferHAug. 1, 1310:08 PM

Money to fund this billion-dollar playpen isn't coming in, and a spokesman says we’re in pretty good shape.” It's time for all members of this cabal to have some reality therapy.

dr4golfAug. 1, 1310:27 PM

Please just start building it so we can shut these nut jobs up! When you try to placate everyone you get.......the Metrodump! Build the dang thing as designed and if the birds fly into it, well, that is better than my windows! This is nonsense! Build it! Let's go!

kilofoxAug. 1, 1311:33 PM

Good Grief...Only in Minnesota. Maybe we should put direction arrows on top of the stadium so the birds will know which way is south.

kilofoxAug. 1, 1311:41 PM

If they turn out the lights the little birds won't be able to see building during the night. Maybe they should wrap the stadium in a mass of bubble wrap so the little birds will just bounce off. Or spend $2,000,000 to study the feasibility of helmets for birds. Or use strong fans that will blow the little birds away from the stadium.

lumpermanAug. 2, 1312:01 AM

If you look closely there is a small duck blind on the west end of the building, sources have told me they hired Bud Grant to blow all the critters out of the sky on game day!

rshacklefordAug. 2, 13 4:27 AM

(from the article): "To help the birds, the authority will turn off the lights overnight at the stadium in the spring and fall and will continue to work with the Audubon Society to ensure bird safety." ---- The financially inept "authority" of an over one billion dollar completely unnecessary and fully taxpayer-paid project was going to keep this Minneapolis cityscape hemorrhoid lit during the night? Why?! The "prow" of this eyesore should have a carved likeness of Dayton just below it. Dayton deserves the recognition. Or, each game or month, a different carved likeness could bless the prow of this allegorical "Ship of Fools"...Mondale...Kelm-Helgen...Wilf...Goodell...Rybak...Rooney...Rosen...etc.

EleanoreAug. 2, 13 7:01 AM

The sooner we privatize or defund this monument to corporatist attack on MN the better. Elect me Governor and I'll get it done.

EleanoreAug. 2, 13 7:03 AM

"Maybe they should wrap the stadium in a mass of bubble wrap so the little birds will just bounce off." - Perhaps we could just nail the people who promoted it to the glass and they could scare the birds away? temporary solution I know, but it would give us time to bring in the wrecking crews.


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