Weddings start a new day for gay marriage in Minnesota

  • Article by: Baird Helgeson, Jim Ragsdale and Jennifer Brooks ,   Star Tribune staff writers
  • Updated: August 1, 2013 - 5:00 PM

The streets outside Minneapolis City Hall were filled with newly-wedded gay and lesbian couples reveling in their new marital status Thursday morning while inside dozens more waited their turn in lines that lasted until dawn.

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naomiagnelliAug. 1, 13 1:22 AM

I'll pray for those of you who have such hatred in your hearts. I will also celebrate the love that is being shown.

tituspulloAug. 1, 13 1:28 AM

I've never been more proud to live in Minnesota. Best to all the happy couples and may their married lives be filled with joy!

mnroadguyAug. 1, 13 1:30 AM

To anyone shouting for repeal: One of the issues at the center of Prop. 8 was whether those rights could be taken away again after being granted. The answer to that is no. You can be angry, you can vote out legislators (which is your right)...but what has been given cannot be taken away. It is over.

pevsichAug. 1, 13 3:26 AM

I guess klgrube isn't to happy with his or herself. No love in your life? Divorce? Love is love. It's about time this state, this country starts to recognize my love for my bf just the same as it does for a man and a women. We are the country that supposedly leads the world in human can we say that if we say two women or two men who love each other cannot be married. That being said...get over it, no one is forcing you to look at the pictures, and the GLBT community is not going to come to your door and rub it in you bigoted nose. Congrats to all!!!

lemoyne12Aug. 1, 13 3:28 AM

A quick search of your name Klgrube shows that you pretty much consider the existence of gays and lesbians to be sick so this latest post of yours is more of the same. I do find it quite ironic that the ban that was designed to appeal to bigots like you blew up in your faces. Voters not only rejected the ban but put in Democrats to make it possible and even if they lose some house seats,the senate can't be voted on until 2016. Bottom line,gay marriage is here to stay Klgrube and others and if you don't like it,then you shouldn't have been pushed for a ban in the first place.

jdcarlinAug. 1, 13 3:36 AM

Such an amazing day for Minnesota! So many of these couples waited decades for this day! I'm glad they didn't have to wait another moment! "Love does not harm to a neighbor, therefore love is the fulfillment of the law." - Romans 13:10

A440Aug. 1, 13 5:42 AM

Another step downward.

heckyousayAug. 1, 13 5:54 AM

And when I arrived at work this morning, the elevator still worked, the lights came on, the crews are busy getting ready to hit the streets, and I and my friends are still planning a good long bike ride for the weekend. Nothing much has changed, other than than now my gay friends can enjoy and benefit from the same beautiful committment my wife and I have enjoyed for almost 40 years. The world seems to make a little more sense this morning.

tuttifruttiAug. 1, 13 6:01 AM

Can we be done with it now?

keaton12Aug. 1, 13 6:14 AM

I agree with klgrube. Congratulations on your wedding and life together. Hooray for history. However, I don't want it in my face. You promised me I would not have to if the law passed. My opposition is being in public places and seeing extreme public displays of affection. I don't like to see it with straight people either, by the way. Do what you want in private. Get a room if you want to lip lock. A large share of rural folks in MN were not in favor of gay marriage as well as the rural folks in Washington state. You have your law, please respect my personal space.


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