Hartman: Talent in minors will help Twins in future

  • Article by: SID HARTMAN , Star Tribune
  • Updated: July 31, 2013 - 9:36 PM

GM Terry Ryan is hopeful several young pitchers can keep progressing and address his club’s biggest need.

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sidhartmannJul. 31, 1310:54 PM

Why not get something for Mormeau? ESPN reported there were several teams interested but Ryan was asking for the moon. Also, how about opening the checkbook, Ryan?

itsmyopinion47Jul. 31, 1311:35 PM

I just watched three KC Royals blow away the Twins late inning rally. What did they throw? HEAT! Their fast balls in the mid to high 90's set up everything else. Strike out, Strike out, Strike out! Who does Ryan say we have in the offing? Crafty left handers who throw junk, tried and failed AAA pitchers and who? Question Mr. Ryan, Mr. Gardenhire and Mr. Anderson, why do pitchers like Loshe, LIRIANO, Dickey, Garza, etc., get better after they leave here and what we get in return disappears in Class A or lower? Well, they are cheaper, right?

mnsports255Aug. 1, 1312:17 AM

I didn't know all the talent in the system would help the twins in the future until the title told me... Common, stop with all the "captain obvious" article titles and out something on the title one of these days that we don't already knowl

twinsfanwy1Aug. 1, 1312:29 AM

One name alone says all that's needed to be said, as to why Gardy and Andy need to be given the "old heave-ho!"-and that name is: Francisco Liriano. Numbers: 73 K's-2nd in NL (since he returned from injury); and .118 Opponent BA- 2nd in NL. Liriano wasn't washed-up as the Twins suggested. Or, how frustrated Gardy/Andy were that Liriano didn't respond to their message...Well, that's because the message from the Twins coaching ranks has become dated and stale. The game is changing, and the players keep getting younger...the key word is adjustment!!! And the Twins brass isn't doing it. The truth is, Gardy couldn't win with great talent...and his teams look downright awful with inexperienced, younger, unproven players. Why??? Why??? Why??? Would the Twins even consider retaining Gardenhire beyond this season? The only answer I can see for that one is; 1) Its the stupidest thing the Twins could do...and that falls in line with their team philosophy since the end of 2010; and 2) Its guaranteed to tick off the Twins fans base...seems to be something the Twins are trying to do at all costs.

apologistAug. 1, 1312:49 AM

Chris Collabello typical 29 year old Twins prospect. Funny tonight when TK corrected himself for calling him a young man. Twins love these types. Why was he pinch hitting for Florimon whose OBP is 100 points higher as a lefty and had already homered? Did Gardy forget that Crow is right handed?

rodneyklineAug. 1, 13 2:17 AM

The farm system is better but we will not be competitive with just these promising prospects. First of all not all of them are going to make it. You need a combination of young prospects that you dream will all make it big in the big leagues even though very few will, proven veterans like Mauer, Morneau, Perkins, etc, and key free agent signings. The free agent part is the part that Terry Ryan is not capable of doing because he is too cheap. We need to sign a few key pieces and you have to pay the going rate. You do all three of these things and we will be competing again and maybe even next year. An example is that we should have signed someone like Grienke this past off season to anchor the staff. It would take a sell job to get it done but if we showed that we are building a perennial winner and we have the farm system to support our key veterans and free agent signings, he could have been had. TR never even tried because he never thinks big. We sill need a #1 and a #2 starter, at least one of the middle infielders needs to be able to hit and we need a CFer. CFers that can field great but can't hit their weight are not ready for the big leagues. Maybe Hicks could figure out how to hit at this level but I doubt it. Buxton is coming however and he looks like a much better prospect already. Hicks never hit at any level. His big year was hitting .280 in AA last year. That is not lighting the world on fire. This team is not that far away from competing but TR needs to keep a core group of veterans but he needs at least an ace pitcher. If this ace ends up being 2nd best to one of the young guns, then that is a great thing but we will never get there if we have to count on one of these kids being the ace. We need a few proven veteran stars to build around. We will hopefully catch lightning in the bottle on a few of these kids coming up like Buxton, Arcia Sano, Rosario, May and maybe even Hicks will surprise me and hit but we also need proven veterans to lead the way. I say sign Morneau to a three year extension at maybe $8m/year, sign a proven ace that we have needed for so long for $20m a year for 5 years or so if we need to. That gives us a core of M&M in the clubhouse and on the field, Perkins in the pen, this ace in the rotation and a few mid level fill in relievers, starters and players to fill around all the young guns. Guys like a Willingham, Doumit, Florimon, set up guys, mid rotation guy or two, etc. to fill in where needed. Then as the young guys prove themselves and get older and more expensive, you keep a core group again and do it all over again with young prospects and key but costly free agents. That is a winning strategy that we can all get excited about.

rodneyklineAug. 1, 13 2:34 AM

Parise and Suter signed last season because they were sold a vision that the Minnesota Wild were going to be perennial winners. They had a core group of veterans, they had a pipeline full of promising prospects and their team was going places because management had a commitment to building a winner that they supported with going out and getting Pominville. Who knows if they will actually bring the cup to MN but we all believe that they are all in right? This would be so refreshing to see the Twins have a plan like this...or any plan that is more than we are going to have every prospect in our system be an all star and we will win the World Series with the smallest payroll ever. The Wild had just as strong of a farm system as the Twins but they decided on an AND strategy instead of an OR strategy. Have great prospects AND have key veterans AND go out and get the two top free agents on the market last year also. Which team do you believe has the best chance to be a perennial winner? My money is on the Wild until TR either enters the 21st century or moves over to be the head of the farm system only. We need a GM that will go all in on a winning strategy.

ReporterAug. 1, 13 4:15 AM

glad to see Frankie doing well somewhere. The guy has undeniable talent, he just needed to get his head straight. Wish he were making these strides with the twins, but glad he's doing well somewhere.

fdrebinAug. 1, 13 7:25 AM

I'm pretty sure we've seen the farm system enough this year. sub 200 "hitters" and 6 run era 'pitchers". yep, the future is bright. Well, at least it is profitable with a low payroll and 100 losses into eternity.

zammanAug. 1, 13 7:33 AM

Sorry Sid, they just lost the series to KC. There are no Twins "superstars" that will ever see the light of the Majors in at Target field except as an opponent. The Twins just solidified their status as a non-competitor by not making any moves. I am very sad as I have been a life-long Twins fans in my 5th decade. Move Gardy and Andy and lets get these kids playing something other than the "Twins Way".


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