Obamacare will push workers to cut hours

  • Article by: Chicago Tribune Editorial
  • Updated: July 31, 2013 - 7:25 PM

Workers will have a big incentive to embrace more part-time employment. That's not necessarily a bad thing.

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pumiceJul. 31, 13 1:25 PM

From the article: "By Mulligan’s estimate, Washington could pay some $12,658 in premiums, and $2,907 in out-of-pocket costs, for a part-timer earning $42,000." And what percent of American part-timers earn $42,000 per year?

jeffpostJul. 31, 13 1:36 PM

Excellent illustration of the economic impact of regulations, which is enormous. Democrats love regulations because the regulations generate almost no political acocuntability. In the case of Obamacare, the impact will likely be so dramatic they will not be available to avoid the backlash. Thus, Obama has postponed some the implmentation to lower the political cost to himself and his fellow Democrats.

SorghastrumJul. 31, 13 1:36 PM

This articles reads like a Koch Brother's funded opinion peace and is an attempt to discredit hard working poor Americans at the expense of praising the corporations that purposefully refuse to hire employees full time. This opinion piece is nothing but another attempt by the political right to introduce falsehoods to the public regarding Obama Care and how our workforce will respond to it.

jeffpostJul. 31, 13 1:37 PM

This article illustrates why the true costs of Obamacare have likely been grossly understated.

BBJoeJul. 31, 13 1:44 PM

A friend has a business in the UK. I asked what benefits he offers his 10 or so employees and he said time off. They have programs for healthcare and retirement for each citizen, so businesses do not need to be involved. How much money would our corporations save if they did not have to offer benefits? We would be smart to build a system where everyone buys their own healthcare insurance via payroll taxes such as social security. Obamacare is a step in this smart direction. Not perfect, but a start. Our current system will make us uncompetitive to other countries due to high and unnecessary employment costs.

stjohnsonJul. 31, 13 1:59 PM

I keep thinking of Nancy Pelosi's quote - "We have to pass this bill so we will know what's in it". Now we are finding out and even the Chicago Tribune is calling for a repeal.

foneboothJul. 31, 13 2:00 PM

If this article is accurate (key word IF), then it is a good argument for why the neocons should have been helping push the wagon up the hill when the law was being designed instead of getting in the way of those doing the work. But then, they're gonna get their health benefits no matter what, so why did they have to worry? More politics...they are rotten to the core...

elind56Jul. 31, 13 2:03 PM

The number of ways to legally game a government program are usually directly proportional to the law's complexity and, based on that, this law should present endless opportunities.

Packman_1Jul. 31, 13 2:10 PM

A Koch brother's inspired hatchet piece printed by the Chicago Tribune. Never would have guessed it would be anti-Obamacare....

Izzy96Jul. 31, 13 2:12 PM

The writer leaves out a small detail: Full Time Equivalents. Meaning, the number of part time workers whose hours, when added together, equal those of a full time worker.


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