Appeals judges say NYC's ban on big, sugary drinks at restaurants is unconstitutional

  • Article by: DAVID B. CARUSO , Associated Press
  • Updated: July 30, 2013 - 3:45 PM

NEW YORK — New York City's crackdown on big, sugary sodas is staying on ice.

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scubadoo68Jul. 30, 1311:07 AM

All this effort looking for a solution to a symptom....seems to be lot of that going on in politics.

dhenkelsJul. 30, 1311:16 AM

Oh my God they should stop spending money on this with appeals. So ridiculous. You cannot stop people from drinking it. They would simply but two, or get refills, it's simply charging people even more to get more. Without a ban on oversized pizza, pasta dishes, snacks, other sugary bad for you drinks (oversized coffee drinks and "smoothies" weren't included and they have more calories and included fat than many of the other things), oversized steaks, fast food, oversized portions at EVERY are not going to do anything to cut back. Choosing soda as the lone cause of the obesity is so overboard.

godiveJul. 30, 1311:35 AM

"We have a responsibility, as human beings, to do something, to save each other" Here in a sentence is the whole problem with leftist thinking. Actually Mr. Bloomberg you don't. Leave me to the consequences of my decisions not yours.

EleanoreJul. 30, 1312:08 PM

New Your is the poster child of the unconstitutional and seditious.

Trader2Jul. 30, 1312:09 PM

If he really cared about peoples health - he would of limited the number of cigarettes anyone could buy to one at a time. Typical politician - wasting time and money where their efforts don't belong.

elind56Jul. 30, 1312:25 PM

dhenkels said: "Choosing soda as the lone cause of the obesity is so overboard."-------------------Gloomberg and his ilk fully intend to go after everything else mentioned in your post, and more. Soda was just seen as the next incremental step towards much loftier goals of authoritarian control over personal lifestyles and choices. Sadly, these nannies will continue to torment us without end because they've decided they are the 'enlightened' ones and the unwashed masses require their guidance to live a proper existence.

thetruthurtsJul. 30, 1312:32 PM

Its a start. Deal with it. Why anyone needs to drink that much soda is disgusting and has more impact to the human body than one can imagine. If we can reduce the amount of garbage people have available to them, then we may start gaining ground...

tranqwhlJul. 30, 1312:41 PM

Please don't save me from myself. America stands for freedom!!!!!! Doesn't it?

zekim09Jul. 30, 13 1:20 PM

It is a tricky problem. There is little incentive for sellers to sell whole food at similar prices to junk food. Junk food have a longer shelf life than whole food and certain types of junk food, especially fountain drinks, have a huge mark-up. The price difference between a 16-oz soda and a 32-oz soda is almost pure profit. (In some low-income neighborhoods, it isn't even possible to buy whole foods as the stores find it to be more profitable to stock the cheaper prepackaged food.) For the consumer, it creates an environment where they need to chose between an 8-oz serving of milk or a 32-oz soda for the same price. For low-income folks, they will often chose the 32-oz soda as it is larger. Instead of banning foods, maybe cities should look at subsidizing cooking classes to teach folks how to make nutritious meals with inexpensive ingredients.

elind56Jul. 30, 13 1:41 PM

thetruthurts said: "If we can reduce the amount of garbage people have available to them..."---------------------And who should make the decisions as to what is "garbage"? Be careful because you undoubtedly have an ox somebody wants to gore.


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