Minnesota's child-care union fight is heating up

  • Article by: Jim Ragsdale , Star Tribune
  • Updated: July 29, 2013 - 9:26 PM

Judge ruled lawsuits to halt unionization effort were premature. Now opposing camps will try to get their messages out to about 12,700 family child-care providers.

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supervon2Jul. 29, 13 9:41 PM

Yep. The parents will soon find that child care exceeds health care and college education. Those two have been taken over by the unions and now the unions plan to ruin one more aspect of civil life. Strike, anyone?

tandabussJul. 29, 13 9:59 PM

If the union will only eventually include the 12,700, then sure, let them vote. If, however, the 12,700 get to vote, but the outcome of the vote might bind a much larger number into a union, then, no, that's not fair or right.

basia2186Jul. 29, 1310:09 PM

Why won't progressives grow up and teach each otherwise to TAKE CARE OF THEMSELVES! The government and MY tax dollars are not your daddy!

chemnpJul. 29, 1311:30 PM

The DFL needs to realize that this will cost them the next election. There is nothing wrong with belonging to a union, but when the union arranges the voting process such that they can have people voting who aren't even child care professionals this is a major issue. If the union knew what was good for them, they would make sure that nobody but child care professionals cast votes. Unions are becoming corporations -- always looking for the next dollar.

freedommaryJul. 29, 1311:33 PM

It is sad that reports continuously fail to research the claims being made by those they interview. Simple fact checking would make this story far more interesting then "I'm right" no "I'm right" All we keep hearing is opinions and no FACTS - just over and over statements of "I have the facts!" "I am educating people on the facts!" What happened to being able to depend on reading some REAL research?

freedommaryJul. 29, 1311:41 PM

If people want to have their opinions heard, they should write a letter to the editor. People can't see the light of day in this issue because there are no real things being presented. I want to read some old fashioned reporting. This isn't the talk show circuit.

Truckman182Jul. 29, 1311:43 PM

Dayton's blatant pay back to his union supporters is beyond ridiculous. The ends justify the means with these liberals...

elmore1Jul. 29, 1311:45 PM

This is a clear indicator how out of touch Dayton and the majority party are. They are already paying for the stadium funding blunder on the backs of middle and lower class smokers and now day care costs will go up astronomically for the same folks. Remember this is the next election, they said they were going after the uber rich, in reality they have gone after everyone to fund their insatiable appetite for tax and spend.

milkman53Jul. 30, 13 6:16 AM

I am not a big fan of the political alliance of the ignorant and the silly just as some are not big fans of the political power of unified workers. But if I were a daycare provider and I didn't want to join a union couldn't I just refuse to take children whose parents receive daycare money for their kids?

TheDarkOneJul. 30, 13 7:32 AM

If the election is held and the union loses fairly, can the effort to unionize then be barred after they've had their shot?


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