Pope's comments raise hope for change among Minnesota Catholics

  • Article by: Jeff Strickler , Star Tribune
  • Updated: July 30, 2013 - 8:59 AM

Pope Francis’ comments that he would not judge priests for their sexual orientation likely “made a lot of friends, but also some of enemies,” predicted Massimo Faggioli, a professor in the theology department at the University of St. Thomas.

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okaybruceeJul. 29, 13 8:54 PM

Actually, he said nothing new. Catholics do not judge persons. We judge acts. Having the disorder of same sex attraction is not a sin. Acting on that inclination is. Nothing he said contradicts the Catechism or His Excellency Nienstedt.

okaybruceeJul. 29, 13 9:24 PM

Mr. Bayly must have missed the second part of His Holiness' comments, namely the portion about how homosexual lobbies are bad. They are. Why? Because they claim that homosexual acts are not sinful, but rather natural. This, of course, goes against the truth and Church teaching. This is why Pope Francis didn't say anything about homosexual acts not being sins. They are. He says what the Church says: That having same-sex attraction is not a sin. Acting upon it is. And to those that act upon it, and repent, the Church forgives. That is how we (and by we, I mean Catholics - including His Excellency John Nienstedt) operate. Mr. Bayly is a homosexual lobbiest, and the Pope said such activity is "bad." Something for him to think about. Perhaps that won't give as much "hope"?

lovemilanJul. 29, 13 9:46 PM

What the Pope said has been the teaching of the Catholic Chuch for ages - just read section 2358 the Catechism. What is not being reported today is that the Pope said nothing new and that the Catholic Church will continue to teach that homosexual sex is like any other serious sin - it separates you from God and puts the salvation of your soul at risk

kraemer1Jul. 29, 1310:44 PM

So, okaybrucee now must also agree with the Pope's other comments...forgiveness of such sin and that even "non-believers" can go to heaven if they live a good, giving life. Whether he agrees or not, I want to know what happened to that other okaybrucee that was making comments such as "I won't provide services to those gay people" no matter what laws are passed??

kraemer1Jul. 29, 1310:53 PM

lovemilan, so there are "serious" sin and I assume "nonserious" sin...now since everybody sins I assume that you only have "nonserious" sin on your record, right?

okaybruceeJul. 29, 1311:01 PM

@kraemer1: For one, it is part of Church teaching that non-believers can go to heaven, provided they are invincibly ignorant (think remote island in the Pacific), believe that there is a God, and seek to do His will. Modern atheists do not qualify. Next? Oh, it would be material cooperation in another's sin (as homosexual acts are still sinful, and always will be) which is why I cannot participate in their "weddings." So nothing has changed after all. :)

okaybruceeJul. 29, 1311:02 PM

Again, its funny that the Pope says nothing new, but liberals get all excited nonetheless. Oh well. It makes for a fun read!

kraemer1Jul. 29, 1311:06 PM

I am sure blessed that I don't need to constantly "change" my beliefs to conform to another's even if that other one is a Pope. Or to have to "qualify" another's beliefs so as they still are in line with mine or my interpretation of a book written by even somebody else....a long time ago.

chemnpJul. 29, 1311:56 PM

These changes in tone by the church always bring out the "no that's how we always were saying it" crowd. They pretend there's nothing different, and nothing has ever changed. Just like the church never changed positions on the geocentric model of the universe. One example, of which there are plenty more. Kraemer1 said it best -- I am sure blessed that I don't need to constantly "change" my beliefs to conform to another's

kraemer1Jul. 30, 13 6:36 AM

So, okaybrucee, does disagree with the Pope then...as he is quoted as saying in fact, modern day or not, aethiests can make it to his heaven. Darn, isn't it tough to try to fit your ideas to how you interpret a book and to another man's beliefs? Yes, I am truly blessed to not deal with that....flip flopping has to be one of those silly sins.


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