Obama needs to become the people's president

  • Article by: Stephen L. Carter , Bloomberg
  • Updated: July 29, 2013 - 8:54 PM

Presidential isolation deepened when the annual “levee” was abandoned.

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theruntJul. 29, 13 9:38 PM

I like the idea! Will say, though, that when President Lincoln went to Ford Theater that fateful night, he had just one bodyguard, who was MIA at a crucial point in history. Times change. Been voting since McGovern ran in 72, and have seen a lot of presidents get denigrated and cussed out. I don't know that I've seen any of them the object of such white hot hate as Obama is getting from some. Which requires extra precautions.

crystalbayJul. 29, 1311:17 PM

I agree with you, Runt - I think, given the unprecedented anger and vitriol aimed at this president, the danger of making himself more physically accessible is far too high of a risk.

comment229Jul. 30, 13 5:45 AM

I agree with both of the comments so far... but will add one more... I too, have voted in every election since the late 60's..... and I voted for Obama for three reasons. Two of those reasons were for the wars GWB got us into, and Obama said he would get us out of.... and one is done, and the other is impending. I also did not like the give up attitude on Detroit that was being displayed by the GOP; essentially destroying the union (middle class salaries and benefits) so the upper echelon could realize bigger profits. As a side note, I will tell you all about a few other GOP leaders that never saw a civil war around the world that they would not like to get involved in and yes, I am talking about McCain. Haven't enough American soldiers died for nothing? We talk about budget crises in America but just keep pouring more and more into the military. Sorry but Americans should come first and you are not defending liberty by invading any other country. Time to bring the troops home, and stop being the policeman of the world, securing our own borders, and taking care of our own infrastructure. In the next election, I will vote for the candidate who has this point of view, or I will not vote, period.

pumiceJul. 30, 13 7:48 AM

From the article: "Once a year, on Jan. 1, the [P]resident would make himself available to shake hands with as many people as waited in line ... and even exchange a word or two." One day of shaking hands and exchanging a word or two--is that all there is to being "The People's President"? I submit that FDR's New Deal made him the people's President and benefited us, the People, far more than one day each year of shaking hands and exchanging a word or two. I further submit that increasing access to affordable, quality health care and raising the minimum wage and brokering a two-state solution between Israel and the Palestinians will secure a place in the "List of People's Presidents" for President Obama higher than the place held by most of the Presidents who participated in the levee, that "great American tradition [which] was practiced, unbroken, from the time of George Washington through the administration of Herbert Hoover."

forpeopleJul. 30, 13 8:00 AM

Obama truly does not have it in him to be a "people's president". Instead of real health care reform, he gave us a bill that gives a windfall to big insurance and pharmaceutical corporations. Instead of relating with real people, Obama has ordinary citizens spied upon by the NSA. Instead of taking care of our soldiers, Obama allows them to be used as guinea pigs for testing of various drugs. These are just a few examples of what Obama has done. Obama has earned much of the anger he evokes.

firefight41Jul. 30, 1310:09 AM

I prefer Obama to be a constitutional president, but that also escapes the man.

vlombardyJul. 30, 1310:32 AM

Shaking hands with the masses does nothing to change the fact that 80% of Americans no longer have any significant share of the economic pie. We should be working on changing that fact.

circleoflifeJul. 30, 1312:17 PM

comment229 "I voted for Obama for three reasons. Two of those reasons were for the wars GWB got us into, and Obama said he would get us out of.... and one is done" And the other has no real end in sight while our troops keep dying. The other one as you mention? Obama had absolutely nothing to do with ending it. Read up on the SOFA act. I didn't vote for Obama for one reason and one reason only. Rev Wright. I could not and will not vote for a racist.

tuttifruttiJul. 30, 1312:25 PM

Obama is too busy trying to remake America into the dream of his father to be a president of the people. He has done grave damage to the people and is completely oblivious to it.

crystalbayJul. 30, 13 5:29 PM

" He has done grave damage to the people and is completely oblivious to it."...................Obama's done many great things for this country. It's you who is "oblivious" to it.


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