Tensions rise as Twin Cities nears decision on Southwest Corridor light-rail line

  • Article by: Pat Doyle , Star Tribune
  • Updated: July 27, 2013 - 10:34 PM

Tunnels, costs and freight trains keep consensus elusive on the Southwest Corridor line.

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DLBabatzJul. 27, 1310:09 PM

Let's be clear. The Kenilworth corridor is not parkland. It has been a rail corridor for more than a century.

hobie2Jul. 28, 1312:02 AM

Let's be clear - it's not worth $2 billion as it is now...On any level... Step back and do it right and get the money on the next round... if it is so important, there WILL be a next round... If it not important enough for the feds to throw a billion our way next round, then it isn't worth it; or we can use the Seattle model and let private enterprise build it as a monorail at no cost to the taxpayer, make money, and serve the area... At a billion bucks - maybe.. at the present $2 billion plus estimate, where we in MN pay a billion - let it go.

bizsmithJul. 28, 13 5:57 AM

It seems to me that a Lake Street route would make sense. Put the LRT where there are riders.

movebak2mplsJul. 28, 13 7:22 AM

Put it though Lake and Hennepin or don't do it all. I'm sick of helping suburbanites with their commute. If they wan't to work in Minneapolis and have an easy commute then they should live in Minneapolis!

billybillyJul. 28, 13 7:27 AM

"“I don’t really believe that the deep tunnel is a real option,” said Minneapolis City Council Member Sandy Colvin Roy, chairwoman of the city’s transportation committee. “Too expensive and it just seems technically risky.”" Colvin Roy didn't have any problem saddling the residents with a $600+ million bill to benefit one person. Why would she object to a REAL public benefiting project?

jms8998Jul. 28, 13 7:34 AM

The reroute plans through SLP is no reroute. Our little tracks never have and never will handle the larger freight trains suggested being moved. It is too curvy and has too many grade changes plus it travels through neighborhoods in people's back yards, making derailment likely with longer and faster trains. Trains like straight flat routes like Kenilworth. The reroute plans do not entail plopping a few more trains on our tracks. It's an entirely new railroad built up through residential neighborhoods on all new grounds and new places on top a 20 foot earthen berm. That is a 20 foot pile of dirt with 33 feet on each side and then a 99 foot right of way. All would be where there are currently homes and businesses and to the side of the current tracks which would be moved not used. They say 40 homes/businesses would be taken but that's only in the first few blocks. They do not include the homes going up the city which is at least another 40 homes and 8 businesses. Then SLP would be left with a wall up the city with people losing neighbors and their view on each side of the track would be a 20 foot wall of dirt. I forgot to mention the new railroad would cover all the streets. To have a crossing, we would need to elevate a street the same 20 feet taking more homes and businesses along those blocks being elevated. Several roads in the beginning of the new route would be "moved". The new railroad would be right next to 5 schools. The quality of our schools will degrade and no longer attract new families to the area. People will move and nobody will want to live there. The quality of life will degrade up the entire city because of the ridiculous railroad berm and the type of freight we currently do not have. It is more dangerous to have long freight trains on top of a high berm that has curves with homes and schools at the bottom of it. There is no other place that has this type of railroad built through a city and SLP shouldn’t either. It's an absolutely disastrous fail of a plan.

mnbusdrJul. 28, 13 7:55 AM

One of the reasons originally cited for not routing this line through Uptown/Hennepin via the Greenway was that it would be "too expensive". Now we're talking about "deep tunnels". The whole process for the SW corridor route has been deeply flawed from the beginning.

jpcooperJul. 28, 13 8:03 AM

It seems to me that a Lake Street route would make sense. Put the LRT where there are riders.

It's done so well for the businesses and ridership on University Ave between St Paul and Mpls...NOT!...... I think we already heard that argument for the University Line.

mnpls123Jul. 28, 13 8:16 AM

"It's done so well for the businesses and ridership on University Ave between St Paul and Mpls...NOT!."-------ummmm....you mean the line that hasn't opened yet?

johnmplsJul. 28, 13 8:16 AM

Build the expensive route and don't fret about the cost. This is the same City Council is pushing for owning it's own utility. That will more than pay for this route and many, many more. We'll all have so much more time and money that we can sit around and play electronic pull-tabs all day.


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