Minnesota sees the outcome of a grass-roots effort

  • Article by: LORI STURDEVANT , Star Tribune
  • Updated: July 27, 2013 - 5:08 PM

The outcome of people-powered democracy will be seen this week. And then, next up: The minimum wage.

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sannemanJul. 27, 13 5:27 PM

Regardless of your feelings on the issue, I commend the civic and political involvement of the countless volunteers on both sides of the issue who were willing to give of their own personal time and invest in our republic. If only we had more citizens who were engaged in the political arena. However, you could have given a monkey a 12 MILLION dollar budget, bank-rolled primarily by the Democrats, to lead this "grass-roots" organization and get the same result! It was "grass-roots" in name only.

pumiceJul. 27, 13 5:55 PM

Re: "Minnesotans United left a lot of people encouraged about democracy and eager for more." Minnesotans United was magnificent! Every personal contact I had with them, every piece of literature I received from them, every ad produced by them was positive and uplifting and affirmed the power of love and the strength of the human spirit. Minimum wage is a worthy follow-up issue. If minimum wage can be underpinned by popular support, if that support grows from the roots up--if Minnesotans United can get voters to the polls in an off-year election, we will owe Richard Carlbom more than a fireworks display.

supervon2Jul. 27, 13 9:14 PM

DFL'ers can rationalize any additional lack of morals as progressive. Greece and Detroit are our future!

pumiceJul. 27, 1311:32 PM

Re: "[Minnesotans United] was 'grass-roots' in name only." Sour grapes, sanneman! 27,000 volunteers plus a million phone calls plus 500,000 doors knocked = a pitch-perfect grassroots campaign.

nkuhlmanJul. 28, 13 1:28 AM

Leave Greece out of this, please.

windigolakeJul. 28, 13 7:04 AM

supervon2: "DFL'ers can rationalize any additional lack of morals as progressive. Greece and Detroit are our future!" Very true if the GOP continues to obstruct every Democratic attempt to support job creation and improvement of opportunities for the middle class, minorities, women, the poor, in other words, the 99%.

owatonnabillJul. 28, 13 7:25 AM

"DFL'ers can rationalize any additional lack of morals as progressive. Greece and Detroit are our future!" ................. Possibly. But correlation does not imply causation. Owatonnabill's antennae tingle whenever "morals" is brought into the conversation: in the first place because "morals" gives places in the world Shari'a government and in the second place because "morality" is a totally subjective point of view. The height of immorality to owatonnabill might be the very definition of freedom of expression to someone else. Democracy is imperfect: it is prone to ill-thought-out courses of action and to emotional excess. But it is nevertheless the best way yet invented to take into account the wishes of ALL the people. Rather than to blame the lack of "morals" for what people see as the excesses of democracy, it would be more logical to blame, in cases where it fits, a lack of temperance instead. Medan agan, as Plato would say. Nothing in excess. If it hurts no one, then let's not be too quick to cast stones. Democracy has shown an unerring tendency, despite the bumps and bruises, to arrive eventually at this ideal. Grassroots democracy, even if the efforts of a grassroots movement might be totally in opposition to this or that cherished "moral" belief, is still the will of the people at the deepest level. Let's embrace the results rather than berate the excesses, and be happy that this process is still a part of what we are.

pumiceJul. 28, 13 7:26 AM

Re: "However, you could have given a monkey a 12 MILLION dollar budget, ..." The donor report, too, shows the strength of grassroots organizing, sanneman: Over 87,000 individual donors; 89% of them Minnesotans, and according to MPR, "each and every donor, even those beneath the reporting threshold," named. How upfront is that record in an era of anonymous big-bucks donors!

ericgus55Jul. 28, 13 8:24 AM

Last November was the MOST engaged in politics that I've ever seen my state. Voter turnout was up, donations from private citizens were up, and I've never seen so many yard signs or heard so many conversations about the issues. I was proud to see how involved we all were on both sides of the issues, and even more proud of the outcomes.

jjsbrwJul. 28, 1312:39 PM

I think what galls conservatives most is that the entire campaign was possitive, open and transparent. It was based on compassion and love. No shaming the other side. No shouting down honest discussion.


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