Souhan: Like Tyson before him, bullying demeanor no longer helps Tiger

  • Article by: JIM SOUHAN , Star Tribune
  • Updated: July 26, 2013 - 12:05 AM

Once-great Tiger Woods has turned out to be more like Mike Tyson than Jack Nicklaus.

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cfgfsmJul. 25, 13 8:52 PM

Is it easier to come from behind to win in golf especially majors or to win from the lead.The hardest is to win from the lead. The only thing beating Tiger is father time wh is undefeated. Read Butch Harmons piece on golf, The greatest player ever. Tiger.People have a short memory Nicklaus, was disliked by his peers,played extremely slow,and had less competition. The tour in his heyday was dominated by three players and maybe four if you include Johnny Miller.

lawtonj1Jul. 26, 1312:05 AM

Surely this time of the year is slow, because Souhan tries again to write about golf. I don't recall Woods being anything like a bully when he was a kid winning three US Amateurs and his first Masters. My view is that his Elvis like, singular fame and isolation, and the flood of money, when still just a kid, shaped his psyche and judgement. Low score wins in medal play, that's all that matters. Nick Faldo barely noticed who he used to play with. I do think Woods is in the super-competitor class that we saw with M Jordan and K Bryant. When you are the best talent in the world and you are a super-competitor, you win a lot.

ussforrestalJul. 26, 1312:06 AM

so thats why Tyson bit the ear. He didn't want to suffer the embarrassment of losing a match fair and square. Here all these years I thought it was just because the guy was insane crazy. No, guess it was a cold calculated attempt to shift attention. Souhan you must be a genius to have figured this out, all on your own too. **pats head** good boy souhy

u4775Jul. 26, 13 6:28 AM

The Tyson/Woods comparison is sorely lacking. Woods clearly lost something when his personal life was dragged all over the front pages. Was it drive, fire, intimidation? That is hard to say. He has had a lot of injuries and that mattered but he has lost a lot of his putting ability and the injuries sure shouldn't have affected that much. Maybe he needs to resume his old life, nothing else is working for him.

akornJul. 26, 13 7:10 AM

How can you compare Tiger,who is currently ranked #1 in the world, with Tyson, who doesn't even fight anymore? By the way, the first Holyfield/Tyson fight was a great match won by Holyfield. The infamous ear biting took place in the rematch.

fooledmeonceJul. 26, 13 7:45 AM

Tiger is now a non factor, maybe the world can end it's fascination with him and move on, stop writing about him it's over

littlerjeJul. 26, 13 8:08 AM

FYI- He has already won 4 pga tour events this year alone. 3 more than anyone else on tour. He also was right there through 40 holes at the open.

akerlindJul. 26, 13 8:24 AM

Mr.Souhan: Having a tough time gathering material for a column? Tyson vs. Woods and bullying. Really?While I generally enjoy and look forward to your columns, your effort here employs twisted logic and a strange comparsion.

johnnies9Jul. 26, 13 8:30 AM

@fooledmeonce- he's a non-factor? Not only has he won 4 events this year, he's been in the top 5 for several majors over the past couple years. Also, he's the number 1 ranked golfer in the world. It's fine if you don't like him, but saying he's a non-factor is just plain ridiculous. Souhan- even for your standards, this article is a stretch at best.

gyroboyJul. 26, 13 9:03 AM

Mr Souhan, I was liking the article and the comparison of the two athletes up until the last line. It's clear you have a disdain or animus to Tiger Woods. That's ok, but I think a better analysis would be the frustration and struggle a once great athlete has to achieve his lofty position. I think the jury is still out on Tiger. We've seen many golfers have a resurgence in their career. It may be he will spiral into oblivion, or rise from the ashes.


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