Anthony Weiner faces growing calls to drop out of NYC mayoral bid over new sexting scandal

  • Article by: JENNIFER PELTZ , Associated Press
  • Updated: July 24, 2013 - 11:50 PM

NEW YORK — Anthony Weiner pressed ahead with his bid for mayor Wednesday despite growing calls for him to drop out over a new sexting scandal, saying the campaign is too important to abandon over "embarrassing personal things" becoming public.

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highphaseJul. 24, 13 3:04 AM

How low can this country go and were are all the women's right people?

cks1950Jul. 24, 13 5:00 AM

It shows how far we've fallen as a country that people like this can read the political landscape & think there's even a chance that it's worth running again.

minneg56Jul. 24, 13 6:53 AM

GAAAWD! The 'bar' must be pretty low in NY! Weiner refers to to his 'vision' ... what about the 'vision' he gave to those whom he sexted? Time for Weiner to tuck it in, zip it up ... and go away ... maybe to a nice 'woodsy' area without any other people or electronic communications.

eaganderJul. 24, 13 7:02 AM

They both need therapy!

nimrod888Jul. 24, 13 7:14 AM

The silence from NOW is deafening. What if Weiner were a GOP candidate, would we be hearing from NOW now? Put a "D" behind this mans name on the ballot, and I am sure he stands a great chance of getting elected.

Tinye67Jul. 24, 13 7:48 AM

Save the political indignation from both sides. Here's the bottom line. Anyone can fall from grace. But after the biggest gaff (politically and morally of his career & marriage) he promptly went out and did it AGAIN! This says everything we need to know about his character, judgment and ability to control his impulses. Any politician from any party should step aside after stepping on the exact same landmine!

bannedmuggsJul. 24, 13 8:12 AM

What a joke. New Yorkers, most being a leader is about knowing right from wrong and having good judgment. Weiner has neither...well, I guess you all voted for Obama, Clinton, Rangel, Spitzer, etc. So, whatever.

scubadoo68Jul. 24, 13 9:07 AM

At one point, the man reported to be Weiner wrote, "I'm deeply flawed."---Precisely. Get help. I knew a person that suffered from the same condition. That person had some serious unresolved issues and was in deep denial about things.

athe0007Jul. 24, 13 9:34 AM

I don't think the country or human nature has changed that much (the most common crime among Colonial Puritans was adultery). What's changed is that nowadays the media reports every little scandal they can get their hands on, not like the days when JFK could have an affair with Marlin Monroe and we never heard a word about it. I don't think the public needs to know about the sex lives of politicians unless it's criminal. Way too much information.

bannedmuggsJul. 24, 1310:07 AM

And what's wrong with his wife that she actually supports him? Maybe she's doing the Hilary hoping to cash in on it like the Rodham did.


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