Credit John Kerry for Mideast diplomacy

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  • Updated: July 23, 2013 - 8:58 PM

Steep challenges are ahead, however, for Mideast peace process.

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pumiceJul. 23, 13 8:42 PM

According to former ambassador Daniel Kurtzer, "The Palestinian-Israeli issue has always proved to have resonance in the Arab Street." The Palestinian-Israeli issue is also the root of instability and violence in the Middle East.

dave9398Jul. 23, 13 9:27 PM

So anything bad that happens isn't Kerry's fault but if the state of things in the Middle East remains neutral he is doing a good job. Where can I get a gig like this?

palsarJul. 23, 13 9:35 PM

"...announcing a resumption of direct peace negotiations between Israeli and Palestinian leaders." -- Any it will do what good? Any peace treaty/pledge will probably be broken before the ink is even dry on that worthless peice of paper.

supervon2Jul. 23, 13 9:48 PM

So he gets a big article for giving money away? I guess that means a Nobel prize coming his way for success like Carter.

goferfanzJul. 23, 1310:04 PM

This is the SOS caught sailing his beloved ship during the Egyptian coup. The State Dept initially denied it, but then CBS had the photos to make all of them fess up...........

nimrod888Jul. 23, 1310:44 PM

Are not Iraq, Syria and Egypt part of the Middle East? Wouldn't this be selective journalism that should appear on the Opinion Page?

comment229Jul. 24, 13 4:58 AM

Sorry, but Kerry didn't need to go. He is just another politician trying to make a name. All he had to do is pick up the phone, call up Israel, and ask them if they are prepared for a two state solution and if so, what is it. He will hear the receiver slam down, we will send billions in aid to Israel, and life will go on as it alway has.

comment229Jul. 24, 13 5:02 AM

PS... Be careful how you label organizations as terrorists; someday, they may be on our side and we will call them "freedom fighters." One thing I have learned about the USA is that many many times we only hear one side of the story and in this case, it is the Israeli side. For every "terrorist act" you can name that comes from the Palestinians, you can find an equivalent example of indiscretions from the Israelis. Do I want peace in the Middle East? Certainly, but let's talk realistically about the two state solution and if that is off the table, Kerry might as well stay home.

bigbadbeanJul. 24, 13 6:29 AM

If anyone thinks any US politician on either side of the aisle can broker peace in the middle east they are completely naive.

patasticJul. 24, 13 6:33 AM

Syria in civil war, Iraq falling into chaos, Egypt just had another military coup, Iran NOT stopping nuclear weapons development, chemical weapons being used in Syria...yep. Things are looking up in the Middle East. Good job, Monsieur.


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