2011 NL MVP Ryan Braun suspended without pay for rest of the season for drug violations

  • Article by: RONALD BLUM , AP Sports Writer
  • Updated: July 23, 2013 - 6:04 AM

NEW YORK — The first star to fall in baseball's latest drug investigation is one of its biggest: Ryan Braun.

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chemnpJul. 22, 13 5:50 PM

Last year when Braun escaped punishment because of a technicality, all the Brewers fans were claiming that he was "vindicated" or something. Anyone want to make that claim again?

dlb1946Jul. 22, 13 6:03 PM

Not pointing fingers but I have always felt like there are some current players in the majors, having had super seasons in the past during their option year, who may have been involved with PED's. Subsequent to their record performing season and big contract, they tend to under-achieve and have numerous nagging injuries until the stuff is finally out of their system. Of course, they never seem to return to those prior outstanding years. Glad to see MLB is cracking down and forcing players to play without "juicing" up.

victory77Jul. 22, 13 6:10 PM

who cares? The summer of 98' was the coolest season I've ever experienced.

shystrJul. 22, 13 6:17 PM

Well, Braun accepted the suspension, which he wouldn't likely have done if there wasn't a basis for the League's investigation of him. So was he "vindicated", as Chemnp asks? No way. dlb1946 argues that MANY players have one record-setting year to score a big contract, and he apparently suspects PEDs in that context. And I agree. What's interesting about Braun, though, is that he DIDN'T have a single, stellar season. His performance has been remarkably consistent (except when he's been hurt). And he doesn't look like a guy using steroids or human growth hormone. NO bulging muscles. No "bulking up". He just looks like a normal guy, and plays consistently well, except when injured. So it doesn't seem like a typical or obvious case of an athlete using PEDs. I'd like to learn what REALLY happened. But under the deal worked out, apparently we will never know.

kerber12Jul. 22, 13 6:18 PM

Ya gotta love these guys who deny, deny, deny...then finally say, "O.K. I did it." A-Rod followed the same script. Pathetic.

daytonsajokeJul. 22, 13 6:33 PM

I've always wondered if Braun's close friend Joe Mauer juiced in his MVP year with all those HR's he hit.

daytonsajokeJul. 22, 13 6:34 PM

If I'm not mistaken, that was Mauer's contract year.

MDBUOLJul. 22, 13 6:42 PM

Of course Milwaukee fans stood by this guy and wanted to believe him. Just like the fans that backed Sosa, Bonds and McGuire. That being said, any negative comments about Braun himself are all warranted. The guy signs a gazillion dollar contract and now has jeopardized the future of this team for the next 10 years. I hope there are jersey burning rallies around Milwaukee.

lumpermanJul. 22, 13 6:47 PM

All these performance enhancing drug users makes me respect guys like Killebrew, Mays and Aaron even more. Second and third chances? Why? What lessens are being taught to the young? Well you do it, but if you get caught, there might be a suspension. I wish professional sports had a one and done plan. You know the rules, you know what is and is not legal, you chose to cheat, you risk losing your dream and millions of dollars. Also pisses me off when they call them "mistakes" it is NOT a mistake it was a choice! A bad one and you got caught. Zero respect for guys like that!

badcopperJul. 22, 13 7:10 PM

If you can't do it naturally, you can't do it.


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