Dayton refuses to grant Lynn Rogers' appeal to continue bear research

  • Article by: JOSEPHINE MARCOTTY , Star Tribune
  • Updated: July 23, 2013 - 6:30 AM

Decision could still be reviewed, but Ely’s Lynn Rogers says he doesn’t know if he will fight it.

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rshacklefordJul. 22, 1311:25 AM

He can do his research in a more remote location where the bears will only get used to him. That is the way it should be because his current method places others in danger.

decembersueJul. 22, 1311:29 AM

I think I'd believe the DNR's side of this story more if they hadn't made rabidly unscientific decisions around the wolf hunt, and if they didn't seem to be just an arm for the hunting lobby. It's too bad we don't have a more independent DNR that serves all interest groups equally. They've blown their credibility, and are now attacking this guy for things that have been going on for many years, and, as far as anyone knows, haven't actually caused a serious problem. I grew up in bear country (and cougar country) out west, and we had rangers in the national parks baiting traps to study bears 20 years ago. It's not like he invented the practice.

susanskJul. 22, 1311:41 AM

He doesn't "Hand feed" the bears. Offers a snack to divert their attention while their collars or GPS batteries are changed. Also, their have been no complaints about the study bears.

woodyagJul. 22, 1311:54 AM

"with 50 so-called habituated bears increasingly dependent on human contact roaming the woods near Rogers’ sprawling center outside Ely" What UTTER nonsense. Or untruths, actually. What's really going on here is; for the past 2 years, licensed hunters have SHOT his collared bears- KNOWING they were shooting research animals= and the DNR has done absolutely nothing about it. This has given the MN DNR and international black eye- they are a stench in the nostrils of world conservation. So- they're shutting him down, of course. Where are the documented cases of even ONE of his bears causing a problem? I have not seen ONE. Just "we know this will cause problems!" No- we know it HASEN'T caused problems.

rustyscupperJul. 22, 1311:56 AM

What is he studying? It seems unnecessary to me. Also, wild animals should no be fed by humans, that goes for birds too. Go to any national park and every ranger will tell you so.

tcatheartJul. 22, 1312:06 PM

Susansk - In your very own words, you admit that he feeds the bears food. It doesn't matter if it's a "snack" or a gourmet meal. Food is food and he is giving it to the bears by hand. The "research" Dr. Rogers does is for nothing more than money and publicity for his bear center. He has yet to release ONE peer reviewed research paper with results from his study.

dixielee44Jul. 22, 1312:06 PM

Indeed he does not hand "feed" them. They are offered a treat to distract and thank them for allowing Dr Rogers or Sue Mansfield or a couple of designated others to change GPS batteries or feel for heart rate etc, usin gthe trust method instead of the more dnagerous, less humane method of shooting them with tranquilizers. Also in many areas of NE MN there are far more incidents of so called "nuisance" bear calls than in th eresearch area, so the research and the treating has little to do with anything. Some of the folks in the area feed the bears and that also has nothing to do with the research except as an instance of diversonary feeding. The hand treats take place in the woods where bears would never allow a stranger to call them in. Removing the permit was purely a power play by a reseantful DNR commisioner. He is not a field researcher gaining the information that Dr Rogers has been collecting so has no right to dictate to him when or what he should be publishing regarding his ongoing lifes work. It is very sad that the DNR chose to be arbitrary and almost deceitful in pulling the permit and to associate themselves with a group of people calling themselves a "bounty" group. Even intimating that there is a bounty on a research bear is just wrong! The news media being led by the nose by this bounty group is alarming in some many ways also. When did the news media lose it's great interest in "neutrality" in the reporting of news. It is becoming very lopsided. Not just in MN but all over in some of the less trusted media. All in all, a sad situation for a very important and extremely interesting research.

clnorthJul. 22, 1312:12 PM

A link to one of research papers would be usefull

whatever2012Jul. 22, 1312:17 PM

The decision should be to stay the course, as an Eagles Nest resident his pets are like begging dogs!! Enough is enough thank you DNR for putting a stop to the Mr. Rogers bear neighborhood Facebook project. Domesticating bears is not research it is personal financial gain!

tokyotimJul. 22, 1312:27 PM

Rogers is a publicity hound who is living off the "taming" of the bears - no published research (that is a capital NONE), unnatural contact with the bears and the bears at the bear center might as well be in the zoo. I'm with the DNR on this one.


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