Minneapolis church takes gay pride service outside

  • Article by: MARY LYNN SMITH , Star Tribune
  • Updated: June 25, 2008 - 11:27 PM

The archdiocese told St. Joan of Arc that it couldn't hold its annual prayer service inside the church. So it didn't.

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rdenzerJun. 25, 0810:08 PM

The Catholic Church is lead by a non-American. Most Catholics are not Americans. Why are Americans so imperialistic. We got to have our way or no way. Try convincing people that your position on a subject is right. Strong arming and disobedience is worthless in convincing people. It just draws lines.

toddorunoJun. 25, 0810:14 PM

I wonder if these kid's parents have actually told them what it is they are there supporting. Why don't you guys just go join a different church...the Anglican church hasn't completely fell apart yet.

lostdutchmanJun. 25, 0810:20 PM

I really wish people would stop caring what the Catholic Church has to say about anything. I can't imagine being gay, being aware of the Church's long history of oppression toward gays, and continuing to crawl back to plead for approval. Who cares what some nutty collection of misfits claim their storybook of bronze-age myths has to say about people who happened to be sexually hard-wired a little differently.

iceicebaby46Jun. 25, 0810:22 PM

I have no sympathy for these people, they know what the church rules are. No one is locking the door, they are FREE to change denomination. The Pope came here to set the rules straight. It wasn't just a social visit. The church isn't going to change because these people choose to "bend the basic catechisms" of the Catholic church. It isn't about "Love", it's about boundaries and church rules. No one expects other denominations to conform to the peoples lack of morals/boundaries. Why the Catholic church??? I can tell you one thing-IT'S NOT GOING TO HAPPEN! It's about time Catholics put their foot down regarding these "diarrhea Catholics". Maybe the Mormons might tolerate them, but I doubt it.

theersJun. 25, 0810:27 PM

I spent all day inside. Why complain about the opportunity to spend a beautiful day celebrating God outside? the focus was on God wasn't it?

kelikristinaJun. 25, 0810:35 PM

The Catholic Church is full of hypocrisy. They preach that God loves all of his children and he created us all, yet, they condemn gay people and tell them that God wouldn't approve. I was raised Catholic and have since left the church. I completely disagree with their unfriendly treatment of gays. Politically...I think it is so sad that, in a country that preaches freedom, we oppress a group of people for as something as minor as a lifestyle choice and take away their rights as an American. GLBT people are not harming anyone, they are paying taxes, and they are contributing to society just as much as the next person. Nature, nurture, whatever. The fact is that the Catholic religion should have no influence on politics. Two people, whether they are man/woman, man/man, woman/woman, should be able to be recognized as a couple by the government. Not all citizens of America believe same-sex marriage is wrong. The Catholic faith should not be forced onto the rest of the nation.

johnlalondeJun. 25, 0810:35 PM

The recent reorting of Gay Pride and St. Joan of Arc: Was it real reporting or a series of paid ads by the GLBT crowd ? Mary Lynn stood on her head to make it an unbalanced story. Why didn't she get quotes from the 7 and 9 year old kids ? Shame

micoiaJun. 25, 0810:37 PM

But I do support those who are and who face this.

RStar23Jun. 25, 0810:39 PM

expanding on iceicebaby46, every faith has it's own boundaries and church rules. If you choose to participate in a faith, you also choose to adhere to those boundaries and church rules. If you find that you do not agree with the church rules, it is a simply matter to find another faith that suits your personal beliefs. To expect any church to change to suit the desires of a small minority is, at best, narcissistic.
heck, if you can't find a church that suits your desires, you are always free to start your own church and make your own rules.

kingsburyJun. 25, 0810:41 PM

American Catholics have a long tradition of dissenting from Rome over matters involving sex - birth control, abortion, homosexuality. It probably comes from the democratic impulse that founded our country - no Imperial Power in Rome is going to keep us from thinking for ourselves. I suspect we'll continue to be this way. Rome won't change in a day, and I wonder why people continue to belong to the church - makes me think of that old answer "it's a mystery."


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