What next after Zimmerman verdict?

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  • Updated: July 20, 2013 - 4:52 PM

Zimmerman verdict shouldn’t be the last word.

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pitythefoolsJul. 20, 13 5:07 PM

What's next? A civil lawsuit, Zimmerman losing his assets and future earnings and justice will finally be served.

theagonybhoJul. 20, 13 5:18 PM

The next step is lets move on, just leike the DEms told us to do with Benghazi, fast and furious and the IRS scandal. Im sorry a young man was killed but he was the obvious agressor and Zimmerman had his day in court, the case was so weak it took 6 women less than a day to find him not guilty. The problem is we wont move on, as Sharton, Jackson and Obama continue to stir the pot and make this issue all about race. If Zimmerman had been black it wouldnt have made the local news.

johneramone4Jul. 20, 13 5:41 PM

Prior to the trial, Trayvon's mother was quoted saying "all we want is a trial, nothing more, nothing less."... Now that they had their trial, and did not receive the verdict they wanted, its obvious they want more, much more. right before the trial Trayvon's father was quoted as saying "this is about race"... Now they they lost, all of sudden it is about race, The FBI spent 16 months thoroughly investigating Mr. Zimmerman and found NOTHING in his past that indicated he had any racial animosity whatsoever. They did find that he took a black girl to th prom, mentored young black children, was arrested for helping a Black man who he believed was being brutalized by the police AND voted for the Black President who now wishes to serve him up as a sacrifical lamb,,,, We know that the only racial connection in this case was Trayvon's anger at being watched by a "creepy-a$$ cracker. Justice was served, whether the race-baiters and agitators on the left wish to admit it or not. Trying Mr. Zimmerman on Federal "civil rights" charges would not only be a flagrant violation of Mr. Zimmerman's 5th amendment protection against double jeopardy, but also a complete and utter exercise in futility that will only serve to create further racial division.i

fuddichJul. 20, 13 5:45 PM

I keep reading that Zimmerman is responsible for this since nothing would have happened if he had stayed in his car. This kind of logic works both ways. Nothing also would have happened if Martin had gone home, given that he was almost there already. Nothing would have happened if Trayvon hadn't hit Zimmerman in the face and pounded his head into the concrete. Nothing would have happened if Trayvon hadn't got himself suspended from school and thus stayed in Miami four hours away. Yes it's tough to be a young black man and suspected of criminal intent at every turn. But when you look at the interracial assault rates, blacks are 40 times more likely to assault whites than the other way around. Of course whites are wary when they meet a black at night on the street. Jesse Jackson is too, once famously saying he was always relieved at night when the footsteps behind him turned out to be those of whites.

johneramone4Jul. 20, 13 5:46 PM

"The debate continues because many Americans of all races and backgrounds understandably feel in various ways that justice was not served.".... Only those Americans who suffer from racial bias, terminal White Guilt and those who are completely clueless to the facts of the case as well as the laws of criminal procedure.

fuddichJul. 20, 13 5:48 PM

I don['t know where you get the idea that it is okay in America to keep trying someone over and over until eventually the jury gets the verdict "right."

wilsan1Jul. 20, 13 5:50 PM

hopefully a civil suit, or a civil rights suit. thea it took longer than a day so your not really up on it are you? 6 women who don't know that if you pound the crap out of someone with your fists that you have their dna, blood, on yourself, and your knuckles are buised. 6 women who didn't know that if you work out as long as zimmerman did your not a cream puff. a different jury and it would have been a different outcome. we can't unring the bell. but do we allow this law to stand your ground remain. if it does than any one who has a permit can shoot any one else as long as their aren't witnesses, bang him or her self up a little and scream the same defense zimmerman did. pick a fight with a bigger person, and well your afraid so shoot them. zimmerman's calling the police 37 times all of the so called problems were black young men. zimmerman knew the laws, lied over and over. and i fault the prosecution for not objecting to all the hearsay. i would have found him guilty of manslaughter.

mcdanialsJul. 20, 13 6:02 PM

The FBI determined a year ago that race was not a motive for Mr. Zimmerman. The testimony given shows that it was a motive for Mr. Martin, calling Mr. Zimmerman by racially offensive names prior to his felony assault and battery. Justice was served, in due process. It is not justice people are demanding but exemption from the law. All Mr. Martin had to do was refrain from assault and battery of a stranger, and he would still be alive. The obscene concept of a duty to run away is just like the concept of rape victims just relaxing and enjoying it as was suggested not so long ago by somebody just as warped as Holder or Obama.

tomar8manJul. 20, 13 6:03 PM

He was obviously up to no good (Martin)Zimmerman"s life was put in danger because of Martin .That is why we have The stand you"re own ground laws (God Bless them!)

toby3061Jul. 20, 13 6:05 PM

New Flash! Trayvon Martin received his "justice" and so did Zimmerman. Get over it.


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