Steve Sack cartoon: Job fair

  • Article by: Steve Sack , Star Tribune
  • Updated: July 18, 2013 - 6:29 PM
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supervon2Jul. 18, 13 9:05 PM

It's a good job and someone has to do it before we just turn into another Russia.

arspartzJul. 19, 13 3:45 AM

As opposed to the Democrats job bowl which contains nothing but "Spend more (of someone else's) money."

comment229Jul. 19, 13 4:42 AM

I have arguably the WORST possible health insurance in the world right now; just short of not having any. People my age call it catastrophic for a reason. It is worthless but you keep it so when the worst happens you can at least die with dignity and not lose all your assets. Some people just don't get it, or choose to ignore it. They blame Obamacare even though all this happened long before the first time the word Obamacare was uttered. In short, I don't trust health insurance companies and they rank right up there in trust with the petroleum industry, and all the people that bad mouth Obamacare do NOT have a concrete plan. I am looking forward to October first when my group of people will have a chance at new policies that might even allow a doctor's visit. Let's just say, it can't get any worse for us.

pitythefoolsJul. 19, 13 7:23 AM

supervon2: "It's a good job and someone has to do it before we just turn into another Russia."

Russia? Russia went bankrupt due to out of control military spending. Just where the GOP is leading America.

pitythefoolsJul. 19, 13 7:25 AM

arspartz:"As opposed to the Democrats job bowl which contains nothing but "Spend more (of someone else's) money."

When the GOP were in charge and "spending like drunken sailors" with borrowed money, just who do you think that money came from?

FreeMplsJul. 19, 13 8:52 AM

Thank you for yet another astounding Steve Sack cartoon. The art unfolding in the newspaper in my hands in front of me is simply breathtaking and without any equivalence. This man puts paper and pencil and brains and occasionally color together in a way that is simply beyond incomprehension.

palsarJul. 19, 1310:04 AM

"Just where the GOP is leading America." --- as compared to the totally fiscally responsible DEMs right? TAX, SPEND, TAX, SPEND, eventually you run out of MONEY.

furguson11Jul. 19, 1310:14 AM

The funny thing about Obamacare is that 900,000 are predicted to leave the work force because now they will be able to get affordable health care without working. Kind of a good/bad deal. It lowers unemployment and opens up jobs for others but the government picks up some of the health care costs.

smdentJul. 19, 1310:46 AM

I totally agree with comment229. I, too, have totally worthless, yet expensive, health care from the premium health insurer in this state, that rhymes with true. It cost $550. a month, $3,000. deductible, and thank goodness, I am in excellent health. Should I have a heart attack or slip and break a leg, I need it so I continue to pay and pay. I am so looking forward to the hated Obamacare and our state's insurance exchange to get reasonable healthcare that's not breaking the bank - my bank, that is.

tooty123Jul. 19, 1311:47 AM

My friend needs back surgery. Her insurance company says it is a pre-existing condition (which means to them, any back complaints in the past is pre-existing even though this condition was never present.) Her surgeon has appealed but until either October this year or January, 2014 (when they cannot deny pre-existing conditions for anyone) she has to be on powerful pain killers. Just the pre-existing condition is a MAJOR improvement under Obamacare!


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