Early education: Money well-spent

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  • Updated: July 18, 2013 - 12:54 PM

U.S. education chief rightly lauds local preschool progress.

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davehougJul. 18, 13 6:44 AM

As a taxpayer, I know the most expensive thing is a failed life. Police, courts, welfare, prisons are soooooo much more expensive than a guy working and raising his family.

briechersJul. 18, 13 6:52 AM

We send our money to D.C. so that they can send it back to us for a responsibility primarily and overwhelming owned by the state. Remind me again about why we need the Dept of Education. People, we have the expertise to do this without the federal government taking a broker’s fee on the money we send and they send back. Plus, they complicate our efforts because they return the money with blunt one-size-fits-all requirements. They overcome their blunt requirements by having a department within bureaucracy to issue waivers for the well connected to mitigate the bureaucratic mess they created. There are 1,000s of waivers being issued by the federal government on a range of programs which I believe is one of the most certain indicators of a broken model.

Don9539Jul. 18, 13 8:03 AM

briechers-The reason we entrust these duties to the federaL government is because they can print money and the states cannot. How else can you have programs we do not have the money to pay for?

Interested ObserverJul. 18, 13 9:28 AM

The studies that I have read indicate that the head start effect of all day kindergarten fades away by the third grade. Taxpayers are taking care of other peoples children more than they have in our nations history. The best head start for kids is to have two parents in a household who read and spend time with their kids during their formative years. Do we really need to keep raising taxes to record levels on businesses and people when people need to be more responsible for their own families? We have converted an entire downtown Minneapolis high school into a welfare office and now have 68% of our North Minneapolis residents on welfare. Remember what JFK meant when he said "Ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country." When you take care of yourself and your family, communties and children benefit and taxpayers save trillions of dollars.

basia2186Jul. 18, 1310:12 AM

Additional free daycare in addition to the failed program of Head Start. Until they make the parent (s) do something constructive for 8 hours per day, I say NO! We have far too many ill-prepared people having children. Let us begin to wean them off of the unearned entitlements and teach the poor how to take care of themselves before they create another generation doomed to repeat the cruel cycle of poverty again! The poverty industry should be ashamed.

jdlellis1Jul. 18, 1310:29 AM

Statistically, let's ensue those two standard deviations from the norm receive the special assistance needed. For all others, the major hurdles facing education do not rest with additional funding or early childhood education. The problems primarily reside with parents (in plural) who are not engaged nor are they accountable, which they should, for a child's education. In addition, discussions with teachers, administrators, social workers and law enforcement officers suggest that children from single parent homes tend to have more problems than those with two parents. Thus if adults would consider the consequences of their intimate behavior before conducting intimate behavior many of the problems facing education would not occur and if they do occur, ensuring they (both parents) are engaged and accountable for the succes of their child. Teachers, administrators, etc are there to assist not be responsible.

stpaulisbestJul. 18, 1311:01 AM

So, let's cut education funding. We don't need educated workers, we need people who will work for rates that compete with Indonesian workers.

nazilunchJul. 18, 1311:18 AM

It's great to see the kids gett a head start. How about making the parents learn how to get off their butts and care for themselves?

dhenkelsJul. 18, 1311:24 AM

In Germany they don't starat school till age 6 and they are ahead of us in education. Starting earlier is not the start that kids in the US need. What they need more is year round education instead of 2 1/2-3 months off to forget everything and a better focus on how kids learn and not teaching every child exactly the same. We don't all learn the same and test scores do not prove (or disprove) learning.

borisbadenovJul. 18, 1311:59 AM

"So, let's cut education funding. We don't need educated workers" - You do know that we have the most expensive education system in the world and produce worse results than most industrialized countries don't you? You also know that there is proof that programs like Head Start are worthless other than to provide free daycare to many families. So, what will increased funding and institutionalizing more children do to improve our children's future?


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