How online sales tax hurts Minnesotans

  • Article by: Bryan Hansel
  • Updated: July 16, 2013 - 5:49 PM

Actually, it’s not just Amazon. Other companies are pulling ads, too. This hurts.

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drfranktJul. 16, 13 8:30 PM

1/3 close down, 1/3 move, and 1/3 The dems will continue to enact any and every tax the can conceive, so long as it does not affect those that do not pay taxes.

unclemushyJul. 16, 13 8:36 PM

Unfortunately, few (if any) in the DFL have ever owned a business or actually worked in one. They have no understanding of how businesses work and view the owners with disdain. For the most part the DFL is mostly ignorant, but many are spiteful, jealous and believe that what others have earned actually belongs to them. They firmly believe that business owners did not build their businesses and that if not for the DFL the businesses would not exist. Many actually believe that higher taxes are good for business and generate higher profits because of them. As long as the DFL is bought and paid for by public employee unions this will continue.

elmore1Jul. 17, 13 7:56 AM

Still waiting for the DFL to start taxing the air we breath. They have no clue about creating private sector jobs or cutting win/win deals. Just tax and spend.

jd55604Jul. 17, 13 8:35 AM

Your money doesn't belong to you. It belongs to government and if they feel like it they will allow you to keep a few cents on the dollar.

EleanoreJul. 17, 13 9:05 AM

The biggest way I see this hurting society is it increases people's knowledge that the party is acting outside the law, thus increasing lack of faith in our laws and legal system, and it puts every Minnesotan in greater danger should anyone try and enforce this illegitimate law. Crime has consequences and they are usually always negative, for everyone.

edcommentJul. 17, 13 9:08 AM

So, Mr. Hansel, if I buy my equipment from Gander Mountain, they should have to cooperate with the state and obtain the tax from me. But, if I buy from you, you should be exempt from such obligations. Do I have that correct? How is it that some businesses should have obligations and some should not? Explain that again. You are cheating all of us because you can. Someone has to pick up the cost of the taxes you think you should not have to collect.

dhenkelsJul. 17, 13 9:55 AM

The exemption for out of state business has been around since before the internet. If you order from a catalg with a company from another state, you don't pay tax on what you order. But if you order from a company that is within the state, then you do. Or you have it shipped to a friend in WI and you go pick it up...that's how some people I know have gotten around that one. The sales tax isn't going to make me shop any less at Amazon because things that I buy have a tendency to be more than 7.25% or whatever the current tax for the area of the state I live in is (hmm...gee why don't companies want to try to figure out tax, maybe because different taxes in every city in the state make that a difficult endeavor?) which is how it is for most people I know that shop online. I've never thought about the tax saving side of it. If box stores want to compete, they need to find a better way...I know Best Buy I don't like to shop at no matter what because of poor customer service I have received...even if their prices can sometimes be better.

firefight41Jul. 17, 13 9:57 AM

Someone has to pick up the cost of the taxes you think you should not have to collect. ************* Maybe the government should stop increasing the taxes and cut spending.

englup01Jul. 17, 1310:02 AM

You didn't build that business. Government has the right to help spread your wealth around.

basia2186Jul. 17, 1310:03 AM

The best solution is for the feds to pass a law regarding tax be collected by all states from online sales. I doubt ebay and amazon can get around that.


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