Immigration reform a test for suburban Republicans in Minnesota

  • Article by: Kevin Diaz
  • Updated: July 15, 2013 - 8:35 PM

Democrats target Kline and Paulsen as “persuadable.”

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honeybooJul. 15, 13 8:50 PM

What a canard. Latinos wouldn't vote GOP if they handed each one a citizenship certificate and check for $100K. Kline and Paulsen are persuadable only because Big Business wants cheap labor.

socialismJul. 15, 13 9:27 PM

An immigration bill with no border fence/security will do nothing but bankrupt our country. Legalizing all the illegals will add over 6 trillion to our national debt.

kilofoxJul. 15, 13 9:44 PM

Never saw anything about being a nation of laws and the problem with giving citizenship to illegal aliens. Just about being able to blackmail a sitting State Rep to further an agenda.

tsherzJul. 16, 13 3:07 AM

I have voted GOP in the last 4 election cycles. I just can no longer support a party that is fundamentally broken and refuses compromise on any issue. As Bob Dole said earlier this year, the party should "close for repairs". George Bush got 44% of the Latino vote in 2004. That is substantial. Romney got 27%. Not a good trend. Is the party that blind to see that this is an issue that is critical to that voting block. The extremists of the party have marginalized the moderates of the party. Enough so that in the next election I will strongly be considering Democrat candidates much stronger than ever. Wake up GOP, you are quickly becoming obsolete.

comment229Jul. 16, 13 5:19 AM

I wonder if there might be a "wash" legalizing the illegals? I understand the comment that it will bankrupt America, but I am considering the "other side" as well. Right now, I doubt if any/many of them are paying taxes or supporting our government in any way at all. At the same time, they go to emergency rooms and get services from the government. If legal, and documented, they would have to start paying in on all fronts and also come up with health insurance in some way. Who knows? But before I would bet the farm, I do know that if legislation is enacted, it should also contain the provisions for a secure border, AND strict provisions for employers who hire them. I wonder what would happen if all of them all of sudden saw the same deductions that come out of my paycheck, and realized that maybe life here is good, but you have to pay for it?

comment229Jul. 16, 13 5:20 AM

PS... instead of making this a political fix for these two republicans, why don't they just quit playing "follow the leader" and vote the way their constituents want them to vote? Do they represent their constituents or the republican party?

deadtraymanJul. 16, 1311:48 AM

The sensible approach it implement a security only bill and forget about amnesty. Which fraudulent indentity do you run a background cehck on anyway? And you are gonna collect backtaxes on which fraudulent identity in which decade at what expense?

rexmanJul. 16, 13 1:29 PM

"Paulsen is steering clear of the nativist streak in the Republican Party represented by Rep. Michele Bachmann"

When did Bachmann and the rest of us "nativists" vote for America to become part of Mexico? Must have missed the memo...

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