Pollution worries abound in frac sand waste streams

  • Article by: Tony Kennedy , Star Tribune
  • Updated: July 13, 2013 - 6:54 PM

Some say industry has grown too fast to manage, reclaim byproducts.

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supervon2Jul. 12, 1310:24 PM

I saw two people walking by a railroad car the other day and I asked them if that was Frac sand in the gondola car. They said it was. I informed them that it was common gravel. How easily they are fooled.

winonanJul. 12, 1310:51 PM

So are these mines being held to the reclaimation plans? Are these being overseen and by whom? If so, what are the penalties for violations? And are all counties measuring for chemicals in the water? Many questions remain, and will come up as time passes. hopefully our environment is being looked after in each state.

sntenbenselJul. 12, 1310:58 PM

I am shocked that there is evidence of pollution and damage to the environment with frac-sand mining. We should go to our government officials. Oh wait they have been bought already by the industry. Never mind.

Rob7304Jul. 12, 1311:15 PM

While our incomes drop and millions remain unemployed or underemployed, the MSM pursues a course to discredit one of the only bright spots - frac oil drilling. If we can't mine sand without contrived controversy how will we ever mine gold silver and copper etc on the iron range? We can't all work for the government. Some of us actually need to produce something to keep the country moving ahead.

tmauelJul. 12, 1311:46 PM

Rob7304 frac sand mining is moving forward? They clear cut the trees and after the sand and the bluffs are gone the land is worthless to farm. The sand is shipped to the frac wells where more environmental contamination of the water occurs to the point where all surrounding land is worthless because the land and water are poisoned. All this to burn more fossil fuels that contribute to global warming. And since the price of natural gas is so low they flare most of it off to get at the oil. The oil and gas industry doesn't care about the economy or the environment. They just want to make a quick buck and they will be gone.

Truckman182Jul. 13, 1312:01 AM

For Pete Sakes its sand. I used to live on a river and your not going to believe this but sand bars would sometimes form after Spring floods. Thats right real fine sand. Quick somebody call the EPA. My word we are our own worst enemy in this country. Lets regulate ourselves into bankruptcy shall we?

nonau55Jul. 13, 13 1:22 AM

This is nothing but bad news. Take a look at how they are destroying North Dakota with this.

mhazzardJul. 13, 13 5:30 AM

Fracking companies have politicians on both sides in a corral like cows...MOOO...

strib1991Jul. 13, 13 6:12 AM

Oil and sand companies get stinking rich off the land they're destroying and they care nothing about the environment which just becomes road-kill in their wake. When will people push the fleece away from their eyes and start to REALLY fight this industry!!! Has anyone seen a bottom-line profit sheet from any of these companies? Do you really feel that the handful of jobs these mines MAY create, is worth what is happening to small towns and cities that are slowly becoming mining communities and being buried by them? Sick that they can come in here and just buy up land left and right, and start destroying the landscape and environment as they wish. Very sad.

sdsf51Jul. 13, 13 6:13 AM

“government regulators are coming to grips with the reality that the new industry involves much more than scooping sand out of the ground and hauling it away.” That pretty much says it all. Regulators and politicians only see the dollars that may come into the areas being mined, but don’t seem to think about the damage it may cause until it’s too late. Most of the general population knew there would be problems with pollution and environmental damage, but those who spoke up were ignored.


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