Snowden emerges from hiding in Moscow airport, says he wants asylum in Russia

  • Article by: VLADIMIR ISACHENKOV , Associated Press
  • Updated: July 12, 2013 - 4:30 PM

MOSCOW — Edward Snowden emerged from weeks of hiding in a Moscow airport Friday, still defiant but willing to stop leaking secrets about U.S. surveillance programs if Russia will give him asylum until he can move on to Latin America.

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gopher68Jul. 12, 13 9:30 AM

I'm confused. I thought Snowden was against government invasions of privacy. Why would he want to live in Russia then?

gargoyle52Jul. 12, 13 9:35 AM

Enjoy Russia Mr. Snowden. Expect to be under surveillance for the rest of your life.

wilnelmplsJul. 12, 1310:04 AM

I think people should be made aware of the irony of these groups meeting with Mr. Snowden. The countries that have accepted asylum or are seriously considering accepting asylum for him are on the top of the list as the worst offenders of human rights for Human Rights Watch - one of the agencies meeting with him today.

upnorth85Jul. 12, 1310:48 AM

As per a Quinnipac poll released this week, 55% of Americans believe Snowden is a whistle blower not a traitor. In a massive shift in attitudes, voters say 45 - 40 percent the government's anti-terrorism efforts go too far restricting civil liberties. There is a gender gap on counter-terrorism efforts as men say 54 - 34 percent they have gone too far and women say 47 - 36 percent they have not gone far enough. That said, it is discomforting that his is seeking refuge in countries which are not American allies and his disclosures will do more to damage our security.

hookshotJul. 12, 1311:03 AM

Divulging state secrets? Seeking asylum in Russia? Anyone still think this guy is not a traitor?

tamjohn3858Jul. 12, 1311:32 AM

The title of this article is misleading. Snowden does not "want" asylum in Russia. He is stuck there because the US revolked his passport. The title should be "US Destroys Snowden's Right to Seek International Asylum". Also, Snowden is asking for asylum temporarily until he can figure out how to get to Latin America.

tmauelJul. 12, 1311:39 AM

Edward Snowden has revealed violations to the first, fourth, and fifth amendments to the constitution. Why can't people who call Snowden a traitor understand that these violations of our laws are making the U.S. more like the police state that exists in China and Russia? A solid majority of Americans want the government to operate under the law and not emulate police state tactics in China or Russia. Snowden is well aware of Bradley Manning being held in solitary confinement for months before his trial and that Julian Assange is a virtual prisoner in the Equator embassy in London.

foneboothJul. 12, 1311:57 AM

To the Snowden supporters here I just want to say that first of all, I have encountered no change in what I am allowed to do as an American citizen. I see nothing that tells me my civil rights are in jeopardy. Secondly, if you think we are a police state ala Russia and China, you ain't been there... On the other hand, I take some comfort that fellow American citizens are taking steps to track down and stop those who want to hurt me and my family. You really need to think about your hysteria. Our enemies are here now, hiding among us. And as long as I am free to come and go as I wish, I have no problem with it. Yeah, yeah, I expect a lot of "what ifs" from some of you...I can think of them too. But you cannot deny the danger of not tracking terrorists or criminals who hide in plain sight waiting for an opportunity. Snowden put us all at greater risk and seeks aid and comfort from our "enemies". Sorry, he gets no pass from me...

applejeffJul. 12, 1312:18 PM

tmauel, if parts of those amendments have been violated, take it to the courts. The work that was done and revealed by Mr. Snowden were done under a bill that was put forth by our Congress and signed into law by our President. Until the courts say the amendments have been violated, they haven't been violated. tamjohn, is he still in Russia becaue the US revoked his passport or is he there because if he steps into a country where the US can grab him, they will, and he doesn't wish to go to the countries that have offered him asylum? If he WANTED to go to any of those other countries, it appears from the stories that he could. His lack of passport isn't stopping him. Therefore, I guess he WANTS to be in Russia more than he wants to be elsewhere. Waiting for the movie...

firefight41Jul. 12, 1312:22 PM

National Security Agency leaker Edward Snowden wants asylum in Russia **************** Correction: National Security Agency WHISTLE BLOWER Edward Snowden wants asylum in Russia


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