House GOP passes farm bill without food stamps

  • Article by: Jim Spencer and Corey Mitchell , Star Tribune staff writers
  • Updated: July 12, 2013 - 12:20 AM

GOP succeeded in splitting off food stamp program from the bill.

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ilikeikeJul. 11, 13 9:22 PM

Here are the facts about this Republican led house. They rejected the Farm Bill which included an approx. $800K allocated for SNAP. Then they turn around and demand that $43 billion be spent for fencing along our sourthern border with Mexico as THE condition for passage of the Immigration Act. This, of course, is the party that wishes to cut every Federal program into extinction. Can you say hypocites!!??

jtsnscJul. 11, 13 9:32 PM

Peterson led the opposition Thursday, chiding GOP leaders for orchestrating what he called the most divisive political move of his nearly 40 years in politics. Is this guy serious? I'm sure he voted for obamacare and yet calls this the most divisive in 40 years. Maybe him and all the mindless democrats should get a realty check. If they can't steal more and spend freely they're nothing but whiners.

benleeJul. 11, 1310:00 PM

How about NO subsidies for welfare queens OR for farmers. This is why nothing will ever change. Everybody - from the welfare eaters to farmers, greenies, vets, unemployed, crony corporations etc.. - everybody wants their gubmit cheese.

nortcydJul. 11, 1310:15 PM

I'm all for scaling back our handouts and creating self sufficiency just like the next guy but WHAT WOULD YOU EXPECT THOSE DEPENDENT ON THIS TO DO???? You want to turn this place into Chaos overnight then here you go. You feed the animals to point of dependency then you have no other choice but to keep filling up the feed trough every week. Period.

chuzeusJul. 11, 1310:45 PM

Why are they so against Americans in need? Where does all of this hate come from?

yellowhoundJul. 11, 1310:52 PM

Farm and "nutrition" in the same bill, how about farm and social policy in the same bill. The best defense of these unrelated political footballs being wrapped in the same blanket is "just because that's the way it's always been" Well hello America, we didn't used to have a 17 T debt and growing dependence on govt decades ago either. Let each stand on their own. There's a place for food stamp support and for federal farm policy, but let them stand up to scrutiny individually. This has always been about trying to pull together urban liberals and rural ag interests in order to pass legislation. BAD public policy.

northrnlitesJul. 11, 1310:57 PM

Kline and Paulsen and the party of no have got to go. Moderation has left the party.

splinedJul. 11, 1310:58 PM

Millions per farmer per year for the large farmers and a knife in the back for small farmers.

geekfreedomJul. 11, 1311:18 PM

Meets expectations.

bootsy07Jul. 11, 1311:48 PM

Separating the farm bill from SNAP makes sense. We need both, but it will be better in our headline culture to see '100 Billion dollar SNAP Bill Passes' so the public knows what's going on. It's been exploding in cost since 2008.


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