University of Minnesota faces daunting task in raising $190 million for practice facilities

  • Article by: Mike Kaszuba and Kent Youngblood , Star Tribune staff writers
  • Updated: July 12, 2013 - 6:33 AM

Even previous contributors realize the difficulty in privately raising money for practice venues.

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nortcydJul. 11, 1310:17 PM

This has got to be a joke right? Seriously, 190 MILLION for PRACTICE facilities? Yeah, we have our priorities right where they need to be.

potter101Jul. 11, 1311:34 PM

Simple just raise it by charging the students another couple of thousand a year. That should separate the men from the boys.

sniggleJul. 11, 1311:49 PM

Haha! First it was the stadium. Now it is the practice facility. News flash geniuses, good coaches and players win games. And this is still not going to bring them in.

inlandseaJul. 12, 1312:06 AM

New Vikings Twins Gopher football stadium...upgrades to Target Center, Xcel Center, Williams Arena. New Saints stadium.....and now "Practice" facilities?? What is this, ancient Rome?? Keep the masses distracted with more bread and circuses. Meanwhile, roads, bridges, sewer& water infrastructure are patched to keep them going. Should we work for the public good, or spend money to keep Sid Hartman happy?

erikj3Jul. 12, 13 3:47 AM

Maybe the U should focus on cutting costs and getting rid of administrative bloat before they worry that their constantly losing teams have brand spanking new practice facilities.

gwbuddyJul. 12, 13 5:35 AM

Teague's plan sounds pretty "Impressive". Just don't start hitting me up for more donations to pay for it. I've contributed to so many other "Impressive" building plans that I've lost count.

badcopperJul. 12, 13 5:57 AM

My alma mater is an embarrassment, incapable of fiscal sanity. Reduce funding and force them to make choices. They can't continue to raise tuition....their reputation will not justify it in the minds of future students

keaton12Jul. 12, 13 6:17 AM

The U of MN Arboretum is always getting donations. Sometimes, millions at a time. They rely on hundreds of volunteers to stay afloat. It is beautiful out there and used by many people. Whatever they do, they do well. Maybe the athletic department should start using volunteers to accomplish their goals instead of scooping up money. Not to sound trite, but start having fund some raisers!

mobydick1Jul. 12, 13 6:30 AM

I think one of the problems is the perception of the value of sports. Here, in Texas, sports, especially football, overshadow academic achievement. Then, too, Texas has a few very wealthy patrons of their University. Minnesota does not seem to have the people who are wealthy and are willing to "shell out" money for the sports facilities. Wealthy Minnesotans tend to be frugal, rather than flamboyant.

RossbergJul. 12, 13 6:34 AM

Of course, the next step in this process is to tell us that the absence of these desperately needed facilities is the reason for the teams' poor performance and there isn't time to mount a full-scale fundraising effort. Therefore, the state must "assist" in order to provide a full university experience for the students. Boy, it's fortunate they telling us about this tragic lack of facilities now, coincidentally when we just happen to be running a few months of tax receipt surpluses otherwise we might be tempted to spend that money on something foolish.


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