Fired Minn. Senate aide spells out other affairs in lawsuit claiming his dismissal was unfair

  • Article by: BRIAN BAKST and PATRICK CONDON , Associated Press
  • Updated: July 11, 2013 - 8:09 PM

ST. PAUL, Minn. — For the first time, a fired Minnesota Senate operative has made detailed accusations central to his federal wrongful termination lawsuit: a list of other lawmakers and staff members who allegedly carried on affairs over the years without losing their jobs.

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pkbrandonJul. 11, 13 1:33 PM

But Mommy, all the other kids were doing it!

educator1Jul. 11, 13 1:40 PM

With so many important needs in this state, is there any way Mn can stop spending $ on this case?

bblheadJul. 11, 13 1:49 PM

Both parties were removed from their respective positions. Seems appropriate to me. Throw out the case and make him pony up for the court expenses. Next!

kenw1952wJul. 11, 13 1:52 PM

Where is Brodkorb getting the money to pay HIS attorneys? I don't doubt that initially his attorneys thought the State would cave in and they would get a nice little settlement check, but now, that he has released the names of those he alleges had affairs, he has lost all his leverage. Don't be surprised if he soon loses his current attorneys as they are your best friends when you have money to pay or a rock solid case and it appears Bordkorb now has neither....

luzhishenJul. 11, 13 2:12 PM

So why not publish the names? Do we have to go to a blog for this?

EleanoreJul. 11, 13 2:15 PM

Let's see those names all across the aisle names please. Let the mud start flying.

EleanoreJul. 11, 13 2:33 PM

If they were released, it's not like people aren't going to find them.

kesummJul. 11, 13 2:51 PM

The state should set aside a million dollars and let this guy know it will not be blackballed into settling and then go after him for everything it has spent and more on this frivolous claim. His job vaporized with Amy Koch's departure. The next leader had no interest in this polical hack as his on-going communication's director. Thank you MN GOP. Putting someone like Brodkorb, a known political flake, in an important job like this is further proof that the MN GOP is good at winning elections and utterly incompetent at governing.

fwallenJul. 11, 13 3:27 PM

I'm not confident the state can counter sue, but it's a shame taxpayers have to spend like this to deal with a guy who is a total loser. Having an affair with His leader made no sense on several levels, and no hint of coercion was indicated. Citing other examples Mises th point. His examples are not similar.

SkilletJul. 11, 13 3:31 PM

What is hilarious is that the MN GOP let this guy do all their dirty work through blogs and character assassination of opponents and now they [MN GOP] cannot distance themselves from a guy who they were all in bed with and has the potential to cost all of us tax dollars for his indiscretions. When you sleep with dogs you likely will get fleas.


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