Reusse: Twins should show mercy, let Gardenhire go soon

  • Article by: PATRICK REUSSE , Star Tribune
  • Updated: July 11, 2013 - 12:47 AM

Ron Gardenhire should not have to endure another horrible Twins season.

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drudgemonkeyJul. 10, 1310:43 PM

YES!! Yes, Patrick!!! Thank you for finally getting this drumbeat that has been circulating in the fan base going in the media as well!!

Zekeman10Jul. 10, 1310:51 PM

Next manager is already there . . . Terry Steinbach. Go Steiny!

whalesmnJul. 10, 1310:56 PM

I'd have to agree with Mr. Reusse. I quite honestly have no idea anymore whether Gardy is a genuinely good manager or not. My gut feeling is that he is a very good manager when he's leading a naturally-talented team, not so much when he's not. And by a very good manager, I mean that the players really like to play for him because he goes easy on them, and they end up making him better than he really is. The thing is, that doesn't work so well when you have a marginally talented team. Not very well at all, as we have seen. The team seriously needs a leadership change in the form of a manager who knows how to turn a bunch of under-achievers into a bunch of over-achievers. Gardy has shown that's not his forte', unfortunately, and it's therefore time for him to go.

franknjackJul. 10, 1310:56 PM

Your conclusion is correct but you're reasoning is bizarre. Gardenhire isn't the one should be protected from another horrible season. It's we ticketholders who should be saved from both Gardenhire's incompetence and that of his coaching staff. Name one raw talent who came up to the Twins who developed into a great player. People criticize Hicks, Florimon, Arcia, Plouffe, Dozier, etc., but the coching staff has not idea how to teach fundamentals much less develop greatness. Gardenhire can't leave soon enough.

birdpeepJul. 10, 1310:56 PM

There is NO question that gardenhire needs to be gone. The odd thing is, had Gardenhire replaced Anderson two years ago, the team might not be tis bad. The pitchers never improve here. They often improve when they leave, but something is wrong when you can't point to even one success story. one thing has NOT been gardenhire's fault, and that has been the underacheivement of the two biggest salary consumers of the team, mauer and morneau. whether or not their production has disappered because of injury of desire, the production isn't there. is that gardenhire's fault? Not with morneau, who is a shell of himself, but allowing baby joe to get away with "bilateral leg weakness" and not telling him to try to hit the ball IS gardenhire's fault. Of course, the biggest problem is the Pohlad thirst for more and more profit at the xpense of the on field product. I believe you are wrong on this, patrick. jimmy pohlad is making so much money with this low payroll and crappy team that Carl is thinking of coming back from the beyond. The returns fielding a AAA team are obviously greater than a roster with real major league players in it. Don't kid yourself. The pohlads can't possibly lose money with the weet deal the idiotic legislators gave them. Yers, Gardenhire has failed here. He has obviously lost the team, and he should be gone after New York. I hope the next manager has enough guts to tell Ryan and the Pohlads, "either you pay for players, or I don't sign", and he can hold these cheapskates to their word if they agree. The terry ryan "towing the company line" bs has gotten really old.

drudgemonkeyJul. 10, 1311:01 PM

Another loss against 13 under .500.

angusyoungJul. 10, 1311:02 PM

Worst ownership in pro sports.. The Polahd's are such a disgusting group and they have no business owning a sports franchise.. How much of this is really Gardy's fault?.. What a mess..

ewen21Jul. 10, 1311:06 PM

Gardenhire has morphed into a horrible manager. There is no consistency in the way he deals with players. I thought it was ridiculous of him to light into Hicks the way he did earlier in the year for an innocent mistake (which was easily correctable) that had no bearing on the game. Then after getting swept by NY yet AGAIN he tells the boys that they should have fun. He lost that dugout long ago and actually should have been fired after the playoffs in 2010. Just get it over with and fire him already!

vikings1Jul. 10, 1311:06 PM

Obviously most of you have not read Reusses article because if you did you'd realize Reusse isn't blaming Gardy, this mess isnt his fault. Also for the geniuses who want Gardy fired, as Reusse has stated, no coach can get a 88mph pitcher to throw 94mph. In other words, who ever coaches this team next year will still lose 90 games if we don't have good starting pitching.

drudgemonkeyJul. 10, 1311:09 PM

This guy has never, and I mean NEVER gotten a team to over-achieve. NEVER. Get rid of this mediocrity once and for all. See ya, "GARDY"!


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