Hartman: Raising money has been tough task for Gophers athletics

  • Article by: SID HARTMAN , Star Tribune
  • Updated: July 11, 2013 - 12:37 AM

Norwood Teague’s plan for the Gophers is a great one, but it will require a tremendous fundraising effort.

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kenw1952wJul. 10, 13 9:10 PM

I see Sid has once again been "recruited" to try and raise money for Gopher athletics. A couple of years ago we were told the football team needed a new football stadium in order t be competitive in the Big Ten.... they got the stadium but still not competitive....so now we're being told they need new "football facilities" to be competitive. Let's build them a new stadium and facility so they can then pay off teams to get them off their schedule so they can have a schedule of cupcakes and then say, "see, we're a winning program." I have a better idea, why not just drop out of the Big Ten and join a Division 2 conference then you we won't have to spend $ on facilities and the Gophers can once again have a "winning program". Sounds like a win-win to me.

paddy691944Jul. 10, 1310:45 PM


klondikekidJul. 10, 1311:21 PM

"A lack of competitive football practice facilities might be the reason the team hasn’t won a Big Ten championship since tying for one in 1967".....Sid, this may be one of the most ridiculous things I have ever read from you. Setting aside the fact that the talent pool to draw from has dramatically changed since the mid 1960s and the Gophers have been in a conference with some true perennial football programs, let me leave your readers with what the U of M has to say about their current facility...as taken from their webpage. "The Gibson-Nagurski Football Complex is home to Golden Gopher Football. Named in honor of Gopher greats George Gibson and Bronko Nagurski, the complex is aSTATE-OF-THE-ART facility housing the team administrative offices, team locker room, team meeting rooms, equipment room, training room, and players' lounges. The Complex also has the following TOP-NOTCH amenities: •12,000 square-foot, multi-level weight training facility •Indoor and outdoor AstroPlay® practice field facilities •ELITE athletic training facility complete with treatment rooms, whirlpools, steam room and rehabilitation equipment ◦Recently completed $1 million renovation ◦4,000 square feet ◦Large treatment area with 10 treatment tables ◦Physician's exam room ◦Ice room with direct access to practice field ◦Open rehabilitation space for cardiovascular machines, rehab machines and for performing functional exercises •McNamara Academic Center with two computer labs and 10 tutor rooms and classrooms •SPACIOUS locker room and team meeting rooms for EACH position and coaches •Two player lounges with large screen televisions, pool table and PLENTY of furniture •Extensive Hall of Fame depicting the tradition and history of Golden Gopher Football

datelessnerdJul. 11, 1312:49 AM

North Dakota State and South Dakota both beat the Gophers, despite having less luxurious facilities and less vibrant nightlife. I'm tired of "facilities" being used as an excuse for inept administration, recruiting, and coaching.

SeaSharkJul. 11, 13 2:32 AM

NORWOOD TEAGUE won't have any credibility as a competent athletics director here at Minnesota unless he stops making inexcusably foolish decisions like the $800,000 North Carolina football buyout, and starts making smart decisions beginning with dumping Pam Borton. Teague's timid refusal to fire Borton is a shameful failure of leadership, exactly the kind of clueless neglect that will keep potential donors at arms length until Teague demonstrates a commitment to excellence for all 25 Golden Gophers men's and women's athletic teams. Talk is cheap, Norwood, and soon no one will be listening to you.

jpweisserJul. 11, 13 7:34 AM

great comment Sea Shark. Why do they hold the Men's basketball team to one standard & let Borton slide? Not exactly sure. I also don't like the talk of giving Kill a raise "just to put his salary in line with other football coaches" Make him win more than 2 conference games, how about 4, then talk raise.

guth54Jul. 11, 13 9:25 AM

The $303 million TCF stadium was a complete and utter waste of money. The promoters of this idea (Sid and company)said that it was the only way to get students to attend games. Well guess what, student attendance has fallen since the stadium opened. Now this purpose built facility (used for 4 Big Ten games per year) sits empty for 361 days a year. The $303 million should have been spent on an on-campus Energy Research Facility focusing on the development of renewable sources of clean energy for the future. The UofM could have become a world leader in this area of study! It would have been used by students and faculty 24 hours a day/365 days a year working to awards a solution of the biggest problem facing the future generations! But no... we needed to spend that money on 20 hours a year of poorly played football.

hjlazniJul. 11, 1312:10 PM

OMG, "To get 25 or 30 kids in that class, we’re going to have to do a really good job with recruiting walk-on kids. But when those kids come visit our place and you treat them right and they see that you’ve scholarshiped about 12 or 13 kids since you’ve been here or 14 that have been in that position, that rumor travels." Kill will be gone this year if Teaque see Pitino turning basketball around in his first year, whence, Teaque will hire his own guy and won't be asked again to be involved in a notorious and embarrassing moment by the football coach to pay opponents chicken money in hope of an easier schedule. Kill apparently does not want to play walk-ons and his own recruits against average football teams like UNC.

hjlazniJul. 11, 1312:26 PM

guth54, you may or may not realize how fully comprehensive your comments tell the tale here. It is clear that recruiting fell apart once Mason, who campaigned for a new outdoor on campus stadium, had to tell recruits that they will soon be playing outside. Good coaches Mason and Holtz did well indoors. The students and recruits preferred being inside. Brewster was first to complain that Mason left the cupboard bare. The Gophers are now in the ridiculous position of playing outdoors in the same town as there will be a new indoor football Taj Mahal, empty on Big Ten football saturdays, while future potential recruits from around the US and Canada will grow up watching the Minnesota Vikings on national TV at their gorgeous new glass building. The Vikings and Gophers could have shared this new indoor stadium if the Gophers want to recruit and warm their students to the idea of attending football again. guth54, you are correct, it was a waste of money.

irelandguyJul. 11, 1312:28 PM

Here we go again, blaming the "facilities" for the poor performance of Minnesota's athletic program. Wasn't the building (largely at taxpayers' expense) of a new football stadium supposed to be the remedy for the football program's dismal performance? Wisconsin turned its athletic department around because Donna Shalala refused to accept the same tired excuses.


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