Former Utah State coach Andersen excited to coach Badgers football

  • Article by: Joe Christensen , Star Tribune
  • Updated: July 11, 2013 - 12:16 PM


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vikings1Jul. 10, 13 8:57 PM

Anderson is just like Kill except he was left a mediocre team by Bielema where as Kill got an empty cupboard courtesy of Brewster.

cobrabadgerJul. 11, 13 9:12 PM

If "mediocre" is defined by "three consecutive Big Ten titles," you must have really high standards. I'm glad you are not my boss.

wilburforceJul. 12, 1312:42 AM

C'mon, Joe. Is the StarTribune trying to sell more papers in Wisconsin? Most Gophers fans hate the Badgers, so why are you subjecting us to this type of article? Don't read it if you don't like it, you say? I already wish I hadn't! I don't care if Gary Andersen is the nicest guy in the world, I'd rather read about Minnesota sports. Please let the Milwaukee Journal or Madison's fishwrap write about Bucky.

vikings1Jul. 12, 13 6:52 AM

Cobra badger - going 4-4 in the Big Ten is mediocre. But congrats on being the first team in over 30 years to embarrass the Big Ten by losing 3 straight Rose Bowls, lol!

minnyooperJul. 12, 13 8:22 AM conveniently forgot the CCG, which was the only one that mattered as the badgers had their spot sewn up before the OSU OT loss. I'd take close, competitive losses in the RB any day over playing in the whatever-bowl. Just like Kill? OK. Since he came from a non-AQ conference? You realize that's just about all coaches? But yeah, clearly they're identical.

vikings1Jul. 12, 13 9:04 AM

Minnyooper - spin it anyway u want but the fact remains that your team was overmatched and outplayed in three straight Rose Bowls. Kill and Anderson's resumes are similar in the fact that they both have rebuilt programs within the first four years that they were hired.

cobrabadgerJul. 12, 13 9:29 AM

Embarrassed the Big Ten? That's awesome coming from a Minny fan. You've got me in stitches. Let's summarize how UW has embarrassed itself: - a one-point loss to an undefeated TCU team that was possibly the best in the country. Humiliating. - Running out of time against an Oregon team that was possibly best in the country while bumping up against the NFL salary cap. Embarrassing. - Hanging a 70-spot on favored Nebraska and a dropped TD pass from beating a Top 5 Stanford team despite a coaching staff with one foot out the door. Disgraceful. I wanted these wins more than anyone and the losses stung. These were nothing like an early-season moral victory against a truly mediocre USC team, but I guess we all need to be proud of something.

vikings1Jul. 12, 1310:38 AM

Cobrabadger - truth hurts. I'm getting a bigger chuckle reading all the spin and excuses coming from u and minnyooper. Fact remains your team was outplayed, outcoached, and just plain choked in your bowl games which is embarrassing for the Big Ten.

minnyooperJul. 12, 13 3:16 PM

lol...I think that makes a few of us chuckling then. I don't have the heart to's not a good sign when I actually feel pity for a team that's supposed to be a rival.

calicpaJul. 12, 13 4:15 PM

ok come on. the badgers were certainly average last year and they have the record to prove it. i think they played under their potential, but the record is run of the mill. but embarrassing the B1G the last 3 years? get serious. 11 wins in 2011 and 2012. rose bowl: 20-14 (L), 45-38(L) and 21-19(L). The 3 Ls hurt, but those were close games down to the wire. They also beat the spread in all years but oregon (5.5 spread). Disappointing, yes. but not embarrassing, outmatched or outplayed. How about these numbers: 38-13(L), 42-13(L), 41-23(L) or these 6-7, 3-9, 3-9. Those are the gophers scores versus UW last 3 years and gophers record last 3 years. I think those numbers are more embarrassing than the badgers.


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