Oil companies to pay $7.4 million for wrongly tapping state cleanup fund

  • Article by: David Shaffer , Star Tribune
  • Updated: July 9, 2013 - 9:19 PM

Three big oil companies took Petrofund dollars in addition to insurance money for site cleanup.

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bludog1999Jul. 9, 13 3:16 PM

So they repaid the money they wrongfully took. Did they get a sizable penalty to discourage them from doing it again?

EleanoreJul. 9, 13 3:19 PM

No public monies should be going to private industry, especially for cleaning up accidents they were responisible for in the first place. There need to be some additional fines imposed and maybe some firings from public elected or appointed offices.

gtxmanJul. 9, 13 3:43 PM

These oil companies "double dipped"" I'm completely shocked. (not really) Obviously they hoped no one would notice. Again, my lack of trust in big business is justified.

birdchayserJul. 9, 13 4:14 PM

But don't worry everyone, the mining companies looking to mine the BWCA will do it the right way. You can take their word for it.

xtremerightJul. 9, 13 4:24 PM

Those evil big oil companies! All they do is invest their money in exploration, then produce oil and gas so we can live and prosper.

elvishoneyJul. 9, 13 5:14 PM

Not surprised at all.

getcrazyJul. 9, 13 5:22 PM

People that don't own the government go to jail for doing that. What about the officers of the company? Shouldn't they be charged with insurance fraud and also for fraud against the American taxpayers?

munsterlandrJul. 9, 13 5:23 PM

If the state was negligent in writing the law so that companies could not collect both from the fund and from insurance companies, then why should they give the money back? This is so typical of the states. Additionally, the companies paid premiums to the insurance companies for the coverage because they were unsure the state funds would ever have enough money in them to make claims on. GIVE the money back to the oil companies and Fix the law.

munsterlandrJul. 9, 13 5:26 PM

The left treats oil companies just as they do their own parents. Everything their parents own is theirs and they are getting sick of waiting for it.

getcrazyJul. 9, 13 5:43 PM

munsterlandr--"The left treats oil companies just as they do their own parents. Everything their parents own is theirs and they are getting sick of waiting for it."---Actually this is incorrect. They don't own the oil in the ground. They lease rights to get at it. All the land, minerals, wildlife...other natural resources are owned by ALL the citizens of the United States. Taxes and permits cover the costs of managing those resources and providing protection for them. If an oil company makes a mess it is their responsibility to clean it up. They don't own the land or adjacent land or oceans or rivers and lakes. To suggest that the left is wrong in expecting them to pay to clean up their messes or to let them steal from us is absurd. Right, make the middle class and the poor (republican or democrat) pay to clean up the messes made by billionaires? Exactly what political ideology is that? It certainly isn't democrat or libertarian. It's not a christian ideology either.


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