Premiums, choice and consumer experience: How Obama's health law is faring on 3 key questions

  • Article by: RICARDO ALONSO-ZALDIVAR , Associated Press
  • Updated: July 6, 2013 - 10:45 AM

WASHINGTON — Three months before uninsured people can start shopping for coverage, some big unknowns loom over President Barack Obama's health care overhaul.

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Packman_1Jul. 6, 13 9:27 AM

Obviously, there will be growing pains but my guess is that the more the plan is implemented, the better it will be and the more people will like it. Like the author states, the states who have embraced the Medicare expansion will be better off. The red state govenors will be following the herd once again and their people will suffer the consequences. I do find it a bit disingenous to be going to the author of Medicare part D for any advice on this article. Billions could be saved by taking his plan and tearing it up.

boozlesJul. 6, 13 9:45 AM

National healthcare for all Americans will one day replace Obamacare. I cant wait.

andrew172Jul. 6, 1310:06 AM

If this law is so good, why is the person who implemented it (Obama) and the Democrats delaying it and attempting to walk away from it? It will be judged economically. The liberal bias of this article is telling. The mere fact President Obama wants to delay it beyond the 2014 mid-term elections only confirms everyone knows this new law stinks. Wake up Minnesota. In a democracy, voters get what they deserve.

Packman_1Jul. 6, 1310:24 AM

"If this law is so good, why is the person who implemented it (Obama) and the Democrats delaying it and attempting to walk away from it?"...............Walk away from it? This one provision of the bill effects only 4% of America's companies. The rest of the provisions of the law are on schedule and will be rolled out. Turn off Fox News

newsloverJul. 6, 1311:42 AM

Who decides what is affordable???

chuckdancerJul. 6, 13 6:01 PM

They tell us that the vast majority of Americans get their health care coverage through their job. So, the vast majority of Americans have no connection to the exchanges talked about in this article which are for the small portion of the public that has to go out and purchase coverage on their own. Those that are in the low income groups but with more money than the poorest groups are eligible for premium credits to balance the cost against their income. If you are in the group without employer coverage and you don't want to participate you can pay a fine, a fine that gets more expensive over time. You will not be covered and are on your own if you injured or taken ill. Definitely you would have no coverage. Will you be refused medical care because of your irresponsible action? I don't know. Will your medical bills be forgiven or foisted upon the taxpayers? I sure hope not.

honeybooJul. 7, 13 9:10 PM

Obama promised greater access and reduced costs. Anybody want to buy an ocean-front lot in Bismarck?

adctelJul. 7, 1311:46 PM

This law is devastating to part time workers. Many large companies have already reduced part time hours to a maximum of 28 per week. The part time worker isn't eligible for health insurance and they are already losing $100 a week through reduced hours. The real kicker is that the companies are hiring more part time workers to fill the hours cut from the original part time workers. Of course that makes Wall Street and the politicians happy by giving the false impression that job creation is up.

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