Patrick Reusse: Avoid temptation to dump Morneau at deadline

  • Article by: PATRICK REUSSE , Star Tribune
  • Updated: July 6, 2013 - 8:57 AM

A two-year deal sounds reasonable for both the Twins and the 2006 AL MVP.

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rms316Jul. 6, 13 5:08 AM

Considering the Twins history in acquiring people for a quality player, I would agree.

callmestupidJul. 6, 13 6:17 AM

Kicked in the head? When did that happen? If you're referring to the time Justin Slid into second base and McDonald was jumping to get out of Morneau's take out slide (bad attempt by Justin cause it actually took himself out) and McDondald's foot hit Justin on the helmet (most of us have seen plays like that on numerous occasions with no injury resulting) that was hardly being kicked in the head. But I do think the Twins should try and extend Morneau, I've said that since spring training. But that would be a good move so it probably isn't likely

minnleyJul. 6, 13 7:16 AM

I agree with Reusse IF we can re-sign Morneau at a reasonable price.

freethepressJul. 6, 13 8:25 AM

"late-blooming Rob Deer" HA! slaps knee

reader8Jul. 6, 13 8:34 AM

Morneau is not a leader, he is not a tough player, he does not motivate any of his teammates to play better, he seems to not care about losing. He is a huge contributor to the lack of passion and grit. Dump him!!

matthewJamesJul. 6, 13 8:42 AM

Unless Terry Ryan can get a top notch pitcher for Morneau why bother and good luck with that.

ActTwoJul. 6, 13 8:49 AM

Ahh...the memories those M&M Boy's have left us with. You remember when they went back-to-back? Neither do I.

luckydanJul. 6, 13 8:53 AM

Couple of things I would like to comment on. 1. Patrick, you are 100% correct on this. Morneau should be resigned. If the Twins are going to have a future, they have to have veteran players when the new crop of young stars makes it up. 2. The Twins payroll is pathetic right now. 75 million? That is a complete joke. KC has a higher payroll than the Twins. The Pohlad's are fleecing Minnesota. They should be held in the same light as Jeffry Loria in Miami. They can afford to resign Morneau and several other players until the future stars arrive. 3. If we are going to trade one of our stars at the deadline, it should be Mauer. Sorry all you Mauer fans, but he has only 29 RBI's so far this season. Never, I repeat, NEVER hits in the clutch. Shouldn't our superstar at least once in a while, get a big hit? I would take A.J. as our starting C over Mauer any day of the week. He has heart. 4. to callmestupid: I am calling you stupid. If you've never had a concussion, you don't know what you are talking about. They can happen and can ruin somebodies career, not to mention their entire life. Morneau's coming back from that shows that he IS though, AND he DOES care about the game. 5. Put us out of our pain and just release Jamey Carroll. How many times do we have to see a weak pop out to SS....

tfbouvineJul. 6, 13 9:10 AM

Couldn't the Twins do both? Trade him for a prospect and then re-sign him when he hits free agent market?

briansiJul. 6, 13 9:27 AM

Gee, if Joe Mauer was batting 4th, who do you folks think would be leading the team in RBI? Probably the guy with the highest active batting average in baseball, especially when you consider his career average is even higher with runners in scoring position, which means OVER THE LONG HAUL, not on some small data sample everyone seems to going with. I'm guessing there's only a handful of #2 batters in MLB with more RBI than Mauer.


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