Midway point shows regression, not improvement for Twins

  • Article by: PHIL MILLER , Star Tribune
  • Updated: July 4, 2013 - 7:16 AM


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elcerritoJul. 3, 1311:12 PM

Blah, blah,blah...hand wringing and excuse making don't cut it. Realistically, when all is saidand done, the Twins have no authentic commitment to winning, which is seemingly acceptable to enough of the team's fan base. Therefore little will change in the next few years.

BallFourJul. 3, 1311:16 PM

Time to move on. Managers don't make or break many teams, but it's been 26 years since "the Tom Kelly Twins' Way" won a World Series, and at that TK won with a nucleus of players loyal to him from all their days in the minor leagues. After they left, TK seemed to struggle reaching some of the players, not that players like Todd Walker were going to turn around a team, but he was better than Todd Sears, which is what the Twins got for Walker. I don't see the Twins' pushing TK out of the scene even when Gardenhire leaves, but maybe they can push him into the background and start a new chapter after nearly three decades - and that needs to include spending like the team did in 2010, when it mistook itself for the Yankees in the offseason. Oh, to be a Cardinals' fan. What an org. Injuries over the years. Lose a player like Pujols. Lose La Russa. The beat just continues.

BallFourJul. 3, 1311:17 PM

make that "first World Series"

greebsJul. 3, 1311:47 PM

don't get the opportunity to agree with ballfour too often but in this case I do. it is time to move on. gardy and crew aren't getting it done any longer and haven't for a while now. twins organization are too loyal to guys like gardy. I highly doubt he'd still be employed as mgr if he were with any other mlb team the last 2 1/2 years. it's time for some new blood cuz reality is the roster isn't going to be changing a whole bunch next year and we've seen what gardy can do with this roster. and before anyone asks; I don't know who that guy is other than it ain't gardy.

GertronJul. 4, 13 1:03 AM

greebs - I agree, I don't have the answer but a change has to be made. I've said it before and for all you Gardy apologists I'll say it again, the argument that managers aren't responsible for team results because they don't hit, pitch, or catch the ball is ludicrous. That argument would dictate that managers are never fired and that is obviously not the case, managers are fired every year. Gardy is a mediocre manager who is clearly in over his head against the best managers in the league. Please don't bring up his MOY as proof of his abilities; he did not deserve it. Maddon (Tampa) or Washington (Texas) were clearly more deserving for the award that year.

gopherdudeJul. 4, 13 1:19 AM

This slide was predictable. Players reflect leadership, and the management of this team. The Yankees are in the Twins heads and there is nobody being held accountable for this mess. "Twins Way" is a mirage and nothing more than a thing of the past.These Twins have not played the Twins way for 3 + years now. All of the frustration, aggravation and pent up anger are coming to a head with the Yankees near a sweep. If Terry Ryan and Dave St Peter have not realized it is time for a new manager, and to get rid of his friends as coaches by now they never will. Those little firings they did this offseason were nothing more than window dressing and the wrong guys were fired. It is time for out with the old and in with the new. Something has to come to a head or people are just going to quit watching and paying for tickets. In the end Twins management needs the fans to keep buying tickets more than they admit. With Gardenhires ever tiring cliches and tired worn out approach more and more fans will continue to feel like buying a ticket is worthwhile or even watching on TV.

gopherdudeJul. 4, 13 1:25 AM

It is time for Terry Ryan to put up or shut up about accountability. So much for not having scholarship guys and Gardy guys on the team. There are a lot of guy's on this team not worthy of wearing Twins uniforms. This bunch rivals the 1981 team for all time futility at the plate. It's not like there not trying hard but there are some players that just flat out need to be replaced. Pedro Florimon and Chris Parmalee to start neither is a big league player. Parmalee has been given more chances than most to prove he belongs and he continues to have bad at bats. Aaron Hicks is a good defender but in over his head at the plate, he needs to ditch the switch hitting thing and just concentrate on batting right handed. The others they know who they are and so does Terry Ryan. How can he as GM continue to watch this mess and not make changes?

meegwichJul. 4, 13 4:09 AM

greebs@ I agree with you; it's a very rare day indeed when I agree with BallFour, but the statement it's time to move on can't be argued with. But, I also think that some managers do make or break some teams. The organizations that are successful year in and year out are that way for many reasons, including having very skilled and savvy managers. High-end talent doesn't hurt either. Gardo has never taken any team to their capabilities or even reached beyond. Gardo has managed his whole career trying not to lose instead of trying to win. Big difference. The team now has that same personality. I think that's why some players have thrived after leaving and finding our there's a whole different mindset elsewhere about winning than what Gardo instructs.

minnesota555Jul. 4, 13 5:11 AM

"Midway point shows regression" No, actually the regression started the day after last season ended and Gardenhire wasn't fired; but then, Gardy says he feels better about this group, so I guess Ryan won't be making any changes because Gardy feels better about this group. Wish the fans could say the same about the organization's GM and Manager.

stpaul70Jul. 4, 13 5:19 AM

Ryan has stated on a few occasions that everyone connected with the team needs to be held accountable, including himself. It's going to be interesting to see if what he says is what he does. This team isn't going to just turn it around in the second-half still operating as they have in the first. Ryan needs to put-up or shut-up, and if he's serious about holding the manager accountable....then do it.


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