AP IMPACT: They still didn't get the word? More airline passengers showing up with loaded guns

  • Article by: JOAN LOWY , Associated Press
  • Updated: July 2, 2013 - 10:20 PM

WASHINGTON — Several times every day, at airports across the country, passengers are trying to walk through security with loaded guns in their carry-on bags, purses or pockets, even in a boot. And, more than a decade after 9/11 raised consciousness about airline security, it's happening a lot more often.

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selfmadeJul. 2, 1311:44 AM

Better to be caught with than without!

mjcmspJul. 2, 1311:55 AM

Crazy gun fetishists are doing it on purpose to 'exercise their rights'. It's as simple as that.

varthlokkurJul. 2, 1312:00 PM

You just can't cure stupid.

msfb99Jul. 2, 1312:03 PM

Really? Down south I assume.

EleanoreJul. 2, 1312:11 PM

Strange, you'd think people would remember that arlines don't allow firearms on their property. Like people needed another reason not to fly.

martin64Jul. 2, 1312:54 PM

It's time to start prosecuting these people. Remember, they are the ones who say we have enough laws on the books and that we don't enforce the ones we have. Well TSA ??????

jgmanciniJul. 2, 13 1:01 PM

OK, now I've heard everything. A blind guy shows up at the airport with a loaded gun and announces that if he feels threatened he's just going to spray bullets in the direction of the perceived threat, with no mention of what might happen to innocent bystanders. And no one has a problem with that?

overnunderJul. 2, 13 1:11 PM

martin64 - how about we start prosecuting the drunk drivers on the road first? The woman that just killed a motorcycle driver was at .36 BAC and this was not her first offense. And she was driving without a license and after revocation. That woman is far deadlier than many that carry firearms. But she continued to drive. Because no one really takes these multiple offenders seriously. She'll probably get some lawyer to say that she's really an upstanding member of the community and just made a mistake. As far as I'm concerned, as long as we allow people to drive drunk in two-ton death machines, firearms are not nearly as deadly. Lock her up and lock up her kind. Then you can talk about going after the people that don't seem to understand when it's appropriate and not appropriate to carry a firearm.

jee7654Jul. 2, 13 1:15 PM

jgmancini, read the article again. The blind guy had some bullets in his carry-on. The gun was in a checked bag. There was no indication the gun was loaded but it was inaccessible. I would worry about the safety of the people in the next room at the hotel, though.

essdee09Jul. 2, 13 1:22 PM

TSA: "We don't analyze the behavioral traits of people who carry weapons. We're looking for terrorists."

The problem right here. Maybe if the SAFETY Administration was better at analyzing behavior, we wouldn't have to strip search everyone at security checkpoints.

Nobody takes their shoes off to get on a plane at Tel Aviv's airport. That's because there they hire real law officers who watch what you say and do. TSA agents are just watching stuff go by on a screen as if they were home in their easy chairs.


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