The Dayton/DFL tax bill will burden you now

  • Article by: David Osmek
  • Updated: July 1, 2013 - 6:27 PM

As of Monday, the new policies are in effect, and you don’t have to be a rich smoker to feel them.

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farcicalJul. 1, 13 6:46 PM

Gloom & Doom from the GOP is nothing new. Meanwhile, in the real world, MN has seen an INCREASE in new home construction, our state's GDP growth is at 3.5% (the biggest gain in the last decade & T-5th in the nation), and state revenues are actually higher than originally budgeted. By the way, Wisconsin's GDP with Walker and their GOP in control is at 1.5% (32nd in the nation).

SpringerguyJul. 1, 13 6:58 PM

Did Dayton's tax the rich campaign include taxing the ultra-wealthy that tax shelter their inheritance through trust's (that are not domiciled in the state of MN)? Just wondering if he decided to pay his fair share. I thought there was an article the other day that the #1 donator in the state was his ex-wife, who happens to be a Rockefeller. Again - a DFL'er that loves to trash the Republican party as a bunch of wealthy tax avoiders. The true difference? Republican's seem to create their own wealth while the ultra-rich DFL'ers inherit the wealth off of the hard work of others - than tax shelter their inheritance through a trust and take money from others as they sell themselves as looking out for the less privileged. My solution? Tax all trust's at a 10% rate of their principal.

Flash_GordonJul. 1, 13 7:03 PM

Both sides will be offering predictions about how good or how bad the budget is/was-just another way to get their names and faces in the media. Can't we get a break?

pumiceJul. 1, 13 7:11 PM

From the article: "While 'tax the rich' and 'tax the smokers" might sound catchy, the reality is that we will all be paying more." And now you're objecting to everyone paying more of the cost for the benefits enjoyed by everyone, David Osmek?

ztwoodsJul. 1, 13 7:16 PM

Wow - A republican senator from Minnesota who doesn't like the plan for paying for the budget. I guess he would have preferred borrowing from the schools, or some other form of passing off the bills to the next legislative session. I wonder if he yearns for the good old GOP platform of "I'll gladly pay you Tuesday for a hamburger today"

bobbyb26Jul. 1, 13 7:31 PM

The tax smokers will pay is to help fund the state's portion of the Vikings stadium. Does that mean a smoker, after footing the state's bill, have the opportunity to light up at a Vikings game? How many other groups of individuals pay a tax directed specifically on them and reap zero from it?

potter101Jul. 1, 13 7:54 PM

By the way the cost of moving would take 20 years or longer to get paid for by the savings in taxes. For both businesses and people.

SbulletJul. 1, 13 8:37 PM

Well, Senator David Osmek of Mounds View, maybe you should read the report a little closer. It is not based on now! It is based on 2015! What you quoted is based on % of income of the taxpayer. So even a little increase becomes a larger percentage because their annual income is less than $10,937 Also, I quote from the Report: ..... As shown in Table 2, the total Minnesota state and local tax burden on Minnesota residents rises by 3.3%. The increases will be 6.5% for the top decile and 14.7% for the top 1%. Tax burdens rise by 1.1% or less in the 5th through 9th deciles and the first half of the 10th decile ...... As for Tax the rich, lets consider the "Decile's Share of Total Change in Tax". The $10,937 annual income Decibel is 3.5% of tax dollars collected and the $146,401+ annual income Decibel is 76% of tax dollar collected. If you do not consider this as taxing the rich, maybe the DFL can increase it next year. LOL I am very satisfied now that the rich are paying their fair share which is around 11% of income instead of 8% of income.

martytoilJul. 1, 13 8:39 PM

I am so proud that as a state we have finally decided to pay our bills and not kick the can down the road. Some state do not have the benefit of pro sports teams, so they do not pay for them.

patasticJul. 1, 13 9:26 PM

Sbullet---" I am very satisfied now that the rich are paying their fair share which is around 11% of income instead of 8% of income."...We'll meet back here in 4 years and compare results to your projections, K?


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