Rep. Michele Bachmann settles suit over Iowa e-mail list

  • Article by: KEVIN DIAZ
  • Updated: June 28, 2013 - 10:50 PM

Terms are not disclosed as the U.S. rep stays mum.

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swmnguyJun. 28, 13 9:23 PM

No doubt there is a robust gag order as a key term of this agreement.

foneboothJun. 28, 13 9:36 PM

I could be wrong, but do I dare ask...members of her staff took private information from American citizens without their consent to use at their own purposes and at their own discretion? She had no knowledge of it? She did not approve it? Hmmm...sounds suspiciously nooo...couldn't be...

comsenJun. 28, 1310:41 PM

Fonebooth; are you suggesting that she is like Obama whose IRS and DOJ did all these things against conservatives during an election year and Obama had no knowledge of it? Did not approve it? Hmmmm....sounds suspiciously nooo....couldn't be....

bodisaat_vaJun. 28, 1310:46 PM

you couldn't script this story. the pious, hate-filled fear monger who wanted to tell everyone how they should live their lives while spreading bizarre theories about our own congress and president, is now defeated, defamed and proved to be what everyone with a brain knew from day one---she's a massive phony, and quite likely, a criminal. can't wait for this story to continue... come on in, cons, the water's just right. tell us how wonderful this woman is... and oh yeah, name one thing she did for minnesota besides make us the laughing stock of the nation anytime she opened her mouth. ah, the bachman and palin legacies, truly the right knows how to pick a winner. or is that a quitter...

borisJun. 28, 1310:56 PM

So there was a settlement about the time Bachmann becomes an anchor on Fox News... hmmm... What's the connection? I wonder...

just1oldgoatJun. 29, 13 5:09 AM

The headline and a sentence in the story say the case was "settled". Yet another sentence states that the case was "dismissed". Settled or dismissed - which is it? It can't be both. Which word grabs more readers?

yardboyJun. 29, 13 8:11 AM

just1oldgoat you are right on. From the beginning this thing was nothing but hype. This paper practically had her in the electric chair the way these continual stories were written. And it is very humorous how the far left get so sarcastic with their postings when something so trivial comes out on Bachmann, but on the other hand when something significant comes out regarding the president & his administration all you here are crickets. Some things never change.

Jakein08Jun. 29, 13 8:29 AM

just1oldgoat: the article clearly states, at least 6 times, that an out-of-court settlement was reached and the terms were not disclosed. What article did you read? I guess this is just another in the long line of "conspiracies" against poor Michelle, this time perpetuated by the Trib. I can't wait for all of the other information to come out about how crooked her presidential campaign was. Good riddance Michelle, worst congressperson ever!

Ronifae01Jun. 29, 13 8:30 AM

The plaintiff's lawyer will file to have the case dismissed because the lawsuit they filed was settled out of court. That's how it works in civil court. Hype has nothing to do with it. Criminal charges are still hanging over Ms. Bachmann's head.

Mplsuptown1Jun. 29, 13 8:39 AM

She should be censored.


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