Distribution firm Navarre leaving Minnesota for Texas after 30 years

  • Article by: Steve Alexander , Star Tribune
  • Updated: June 27, 2013 - 9:21 PM

It will shift HQ to its Speed FC e-commerce operations in Dallas.

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nathanhaleJun. 27, 13 9:53 PM

Thank-you Farmer Laborite legislators. Another business driven out of state by your new wharehouse tax. "trust us," you said. "This wont impact business." Riiiiggghhhhtttt. And E-pull tabs will pay for the stadium too.

supervon2Jun. 27, 13 9:58 PM

I sure would like to see what Dayton thinks of this. I'm certain he will find some government handout program with tons of Union workers.

cman2500Jun. 27, 1310:05 PM

Good for them many more companies to follow.I will be joining them tired of the taxes up here.

ztwoodsJun. 27, 1310:22 PM

nathanhale - Did you even read the article? The decision was made PRIOR to the legislature passing warehouse tax legislation. I don't know if this new tax will negatively affect businesses but at least I will base my final opinion on facts.

theruntJun. 27, 1310:28 PM

The decision to relocate was made before any warehouse tax was passed.

heckyousayJun. 27, 1310:33 PM

nathanhale: From the story: "Argento thinks it’s probably just a coincidence that Navarre is moving its warehouse operations to Texas in the wake of the pending new state sales tax on commercial warehousing that was passed by the Minnesota Legislature in May... Navarre already had strong business reasons to make the move, he said... the decision to move the New Hope distribution center to Dallas this year was made sometime in April, a month before the Legislature passed the warehouse taxation law." You DID read the story before you commented, didn't you nathanhale?

sturdlyJun. 27, 1310:51 PM

They knew that tax was on the table WAY before it was passed.....I knew, and any readers of this paper knew.....get real....I am in Miami as I write this.....looking at property.....for guess what....

starwmlewisJun. 27, 1310:53 PM

Argento thinks it’s probably just a coincidence that Navarre is moving its warehouse operations to Texas .... Why would any type of that business want to stay in Minnesota? They need to cut expenses so they are willing to take the initial hit to move the business to a new location increase long term profitability. The bottom line is that 148 jobs have been lost along with a lot of taxable revenue. Doesn't the state government understand the unintentional ramifications of their new tax laws or are they just playing a game of Russian roulette with a fully loaded gun?

norjetJun. 27, 1310:53 PM

Funny how the writer (Mr. Alexander) seems to be bending over backwards to make sure we all know that Dayton is not to blame for this. Please just write and let your readers make up their own minds. I don't doubt that they had plans to relocate prior to the warehouse legislation, but don't beat me over the head with your weak statements that it was "a whole month" prior to the legislation passing.

raleighmamaJun. 27, 1311:02 PM

Great. Another company taxed out of Minnesota.


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