St. Paul teachers seeking $23.7 million over two years

  • Article by: Anthony Lonetree , Star Tribune
  • Updated: June 27, 2013 - 10:35 PM

Educators also are pushing greater preschool access, less testing.

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supervon2Jun. 27, 13 9:54 PM

Yep. And the DFL controlled school district will roll over and probably give them even more. Taxpayers? Guess what?

dflleftJun. 27, 13 9:55 PM

DO AWAY WITH ALL TESTING?..and then give everyone a raise?....makes sense i guess if you are a teacher in st paul and would prefer to have zero accoutability. $68,000 a year now for 8 months work?...AND lifetime employment?...pretty sad.

andylewJun. 27, 1310:09 PM

Major fail. I want the best teachers paid the most. The public school system is run like a post office.

timtloJun. 27, 1310:33 PM

The last thing we should be cheap with are teachers.

chlyn001Jun. 27, 1311:03 PM

All you experts should get a teaching license and do this work for a while. I'm afraid some of you might not last too long though. Lots to do and keep track of, and lots of parents and administrators second guessing you every step of the way too. All workers deserve fair pay and some say in how the workplace is organized, including the teachers. And if you don't think so, maybe your views aren't so American after all. Maybe you experts should zoom your focus where it might do more good, like the often excessive pay of CEOs around the country as is currently being reported by CNN Money, and how these sometimes not very hard working "leaders" sometimes "earn" $232 for every dollar the average worker in their respective industries earn. Now there is something that needs reform. Meanwhile, why not leave the poor and truly hardworking teachers alone for goodness sake. And don't tell me how it's 8 months work. I did this 10 hours a day for over 30 years and if I wasn't going back to college for more training in the summers, I was working on or planning something else. I was lucky if I got a month and a half for myself most summers. Don't get me wrong though. I loved the work, but I'm glad I don't have to put up with the nonsense being dished out by know-it-alls these last few years. Unbelievable.

asdubiakJun. 27, 1311:07 PM

Boy did I pick the wrong profession. The teachers union scam has been going on for years and continues. While the rest of us struggle and bust our butts to make ends meat the teachers get raises for 8 months work. Unreal. Home school if you can.

rshacklefordJun. 27, 1311:10 PM

(article quote): "The St. Paul Federation of Teachers, which represents 3,300 teachers, is proposing a continuation of the “steps and lanes” that base teacher pay on seniority and level of education." ---- Steps and lanes is a total joke. Teachers take useless classes for the sole purpose of getting an automatic raise. Stagnant and poor test results by the students are proof that these "more educated teachers" do nothing for the kids. And the average teacher makes $68,000 for 9 months of work? That is ridiculous. That is $90,666 a year and they are demanding more! Don't tell me that they are unemployed or unemployable during the summer months. I'm certain there are a TON of summer school classes needing teachers due to low performing students (which ironically were created by teachers). They could work if they wanted to. The summer sun and beach are just more appealing.

lenny7Jun. 28, 1312:23 AM

Worth every penny, I'm sure.

jacko1955Jun. 28, 1312:30 AM

I will be a first year teacher. $35,000 salary. I will e putting in long hours, and will be using my own money (largely) to supply the classroom. This salary is no where near what I could be making in the private sector. With all do respect, tax payers are getting a steal of an investment, by having my colleagues and I prepare our future. Thank You!

garagewineJun. 28, 1312:30 AM

"Steps and lanes" abound on the pathway to mediocrity.


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