Homeowner must disassemble wind turbine on his property in Orono, court rules

  • Article by: Tom Meersman , Star Tribune
  • Updated: June 26, 2013 - 10:47 PM


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sek2undrstndJun. 27, 13 8:22 AM

Please appeal Mr. Nygard. We need more of these back yard wind turbines and the city of Orono and their NIMBYs need to respect people's freedoms. I'm sure as a mechanical engineer, Mr. Nygard's wind turbine is more than likely over-engineered and most likely could withstand hurricane force winds. I have a feeling the electrical utilities may have a hand in this ruling and the city of Orono's decision. On another note Mr Nygard: are you actively seeking outside capital to help develop your business and possibly guide you through the growth of your business? If not, I suggest you do.

sharkysharkJun. 27, 13 8:38 AM

A little more information about how this is "unsafe" would be helpful.

ellasauntieJun. 27, 13 8:57 AM

If the fear is that the heavy pieces will fly off in storms, then is it safe to say that Orono doesn't allow gazebos and sheds that weight 1300 lbs? I mean, that's only fair, right?

FrankLJun. 27, 13 9:48 AM

If it is such a great thing, why did he put it at the edge of his lot? Had he installed it in the middle of his lot so it was less intrusive to his neighbors, this would not have been a problem.

tomstromieJun. 27, 13 9:58 AM

Agreed that this story needs a few (or a lot) more details. What people don't understand is that these things can and do fail.

The farmer next to my brother had a more traditional windmill installed. Within a month it failed, another was installed, and that one failed to slow itself during some moderate wind. One blade bent, and another broke off and landed on the ground some distance away. Since this was farm there were few people in danger. A large turbine in a residential area is another thing entirely.

NoMasBSJun. 27, 1312:17 PM

Yeah this problem doesn't have anything to do with the local electric company does it??? Yeah right....

mjohnson2469Jun. 27, 1312:28 PM

I think it was a great idea, and I am all for alternate energy sources, BUT I really don't want to look out my window and see something like this, I don't blame residents for not wanting to see it either.

SpaceVikingJun. 27, 13 1:06 PM

Good lord, the next thing you know people will plant TREES that weigh a lot and are "as tall or taller than houses" on their properties and THEN where will we be?

boidiesJun. 27, 13 1:57 PM

It doesn't take a rocket scientist to see that this isn't the correct place for this turbine. But, all of you save the earth types figure that laws are only for those other people.

lodi45Jun. 27, 13 9:30 PM

This story is lacking for many many details.... I am in the process of writing an Op-ed that I will submit tomorrow and I hope the strib will publish which will highlight many of the deficiency's of the courts opinion as well as put all of the facts in a little better light. For now, we are appealing this absurd decision as we have already won our case and the City of Orono has put forward no new arguments worth any merit.


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