A tearful Paula Deen: Kill me if you've never committed a sin

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  • Updated: June 26, 2013 - 9:30 AM

NEW YORK — Paula Deen says that anyone who's never sinned should pick up a rock and throw it at her.

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cyberpunkJun. 26, 1310:09 AM

Deen lives in a limited social sphere where no one thinks you are a racist unless you wear a white hood and robe or have swastika tattoos. In her world, telling n----r jokes doesn’t make you racist. Obviously, anyone whose social views have evolved in the past 50 years has a different understanding and that’s why she’s so shocked to find herself in the position she is in now.

thebigoneJun. 26, 1310:21 AM

I think Ms. Deen is like most of the "Old White Men" of the south, racist and don't consider it that. She equates her comments to sinning. The make-believe issue of sinning has nothing to do with being a bigot and racist. This type of person sees nothing wrong with their internal hatred of anyone that isn't like them and it will not change until that generation dies out. She will never understand that because her hatred is her culture.

dirtydogsJun. 26, 1310:44 AM

Deen is a hypocrite from the word go. She was diagnosed with Diabetes many years ago but continued to shill her high fat and high sugar recipes while keeping her condition a secret. Her crocodile tears did not move me to a sympathetic direction. It is all about money and ego and now she realizes both are taking a hit so she is supposedly sorry. Not buying it.

chastaylorJun. 26, 1310:45 AM

This is a country full of Hypocrits. It's easy to sit on our thrones and play judge and jury without context. The judge and jury better be without any fault themselves before they levy the sentence. That doesn't mean a person shouldn't appologise for the wrongs they've done. Isn't that what America is about, a 2nd chance if the person is sincere? After I read some of the posts on the internet it makes me question who the real haters are.

railroadJun. 26, 1311:00 AM

She is very wealthy so she will be fine. She still has her cookbooks and her restaurants and her cooking utensils.

bizsmithJun. 26, 1311:11 AM

I felt she was tried, convicted, and punished by the food network but now her teary eyed appearances are wearing thin. She should have just apologized and let well enough alone.

circleoflifeJun. 26, 1311:35 AM

thebigone "She will never understand that because her hatred is her culture." Unless you know her personally, you have no way of knowing this and to make such a statement is shameful.

circleoflifeJun. 26, 1311:45 AM

I would like to know why the Strib doesn't consider and allowed to be printed the racial slur "Old White Men" in this blog. Everyone knows what that means when it is said in this type of venue and should be against the Terms of Use. Disgusting.

dymomanJun. 26, 1311:52 AM

Classical image of a bigot that is playing "I didn't know that was SO racist" card and tries to tie her mistakes to other peoples' ones. Paula, wake up, MY mistakes, whatever they are, DO NOT make your racism any less disgusting and despicable!

LauralundJun. 26, 1312:08 PM

Old white men are hardly a group that has suffered discrimination.


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