Texas lawmakers set to try again to pass abortion limits, after 1st attempt dies in filibuster

  • Article by: CHRIS TOMLINSON , Associated Press
  • Updated: June 26, 2013 - 7:55 PM

AUSTIN, Texas — After a one-woman filibuster and a raucous crowd helped derail a GOP-led effort to restrict Texas abortions, Gov. Rick Perry announced Wednesday that he's calling lawmakers back next week to try again.

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beveryafraidJun. 26, 13 6:24 AM

Abortion aside, what these legislators don't realize is that the voice of Democracy is often that of an unruly mob.

Packman_1Jun. 26, 13 6:53 AM

Justice prevails. Well done, People of Texas.

localguyJun. 26, 13 6:57 AM

"Democracy is the worst form of government, except for all those other forms that have been tried", Winston Churchill

LicoriceJun. 26, 13 7:09 AM

Congratulations, Wendy and protestors. Legislators and governors who would impose their agenda on women, understand that we will not meekly acquiesce to your power play. We trust women to make their own personal healthcare decisions based on their own personal circumstances without government interference.

twinsajsfJun. 26, 13 7:24 AM

A good old fashioned filibuster, executed in exactly the way the Founding Fathers intended and with exactly the desired result. That is, to dramatically heighten awareness outside the chamber walls, and ideally, mobilize citizens to take up the cause. How different this is from what the filibuster has become in te U.S. Senate, a gross disfigurement of the rule that delays votes on important issues/appointments indefinitely at the simple raising of a hand without a 60 vote majority vote. Good to see that the spirit of Democracy is still alive and well in some places of the country, at least.

Quimby3Jun. 26, 13 7:30 AM

I don't understand how the argument can be made that legislation cannot tell a woman what she can and can't do with her body, yet I get into my car everyday and buckle up (under the threat of legal action and imminent penalty). Who am I "hurting" by not wearing a seatbelt? Abortion is (rape and incest withstanding)a radical medical correction for a bad and irresponsible personal decision. If we are going to base legislation geared at "protecting a persons right to do what they want with their body" then we should start looking at seatbelt laws as well.

tcatheartJun. 26, 13 7:32 AM

Oh, the irony. Texas is set to execute it's 500th prisoner soon. Awfully odd considering their desire to be a "pro-life" state.

wingophersJun. 26, 13 7:39 AM

A real filibuster. Too bad the US Senate doesn't make those that want to exercise the filibuster rule stand up an speak instead of the present sneaky not accountability system the US Senate has now. Democracy can be messy but it is the best system the world has known.

jgmanciniJun. 26, 13 7:53 AM

"Who am I "hurting" by not wearing a seatbelt?"--------Studies have repeatedly shown that a driver who doesn't wear a seatbelt is much more likely to be thrown out of the driver's seat during an accident and lose control of the vehicle. An out of control vehicle is more likely to kill or injure others. That's who you're hurting. It's the same reason why you can drink yourself to death in your own home, but you can't risk other people's lives by drinking and driving. What I don't understand is why the party of "small government" wants government to get involved in personal medical decisions.

jimjimjimjimJun. 26, 13 7:56 AM

The obstructionist won by doing what they do best - ignoring the will of the people.


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