Managing climate change involves more than science

  • Article by: JOHN M. CRISP , Scripps Howard News Service
  • Updated: June 25, 2013 - 1:51 PM

Our failure to deal with climate change has little to do with the science, which is solidly established, but more with politics and psychology.

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FrankLJun. 25, 13 2:15 PM

If it is Global Climate change, then where is the Global response? Why does it fall to the US and a handful of European countries to solve the problem? Even Japan has admitted that it is hopeless when the rest of Asia does nothing, and in fact Asia is doubling their CO2 emissions about every 5 to 7 years. In contrast, the US emissions rate is nearly flat.

jeffpostJun. 25, 13 2:37 PM

Great, the English teacher preaching about the scientific consensus for climate change. There has been little change in global temperatures in the last 15 years. The models of the climate-change doomsayers have been way off. Real science adjusts its models to meet the observations. But for the doomsayers, the cause far outweighs the science.

badmaggotJun. 25, 13 2:49 PM

If you are truely worried about environmental degradation then you should be talking about the root cause: Human Population Growth and Consumption.

gandalf48Jun. 25, 13 3:16 PM

What about the looming ice age? If the global warming delays or prevents an ice age then it was completely worth it. You might be asking what happened to Minnesota during the last ice age...yep it was under thousands of feet of ice.

ungabungazzJun. 25, 13 3:48 PM

Apprently to STRIB Posters there is no correleation between Human Population Growth/Consumption and Environmental degradation. Funny...I think about 800 duck ponds have been drained in the metro area alone over the quest for suburban housing.

theruntJun. 25, 13 5:32 PM

Surveys indicate that on average, climate change is viewed by Americans as a distant threat that will affect other countries, other species of plants and animals, and future generations more than our generation. It's kind of far off and abstract to many people.

rlwr51Jun. 25, 13 6:00 PM

During the recent power outage I learned that I do not need anywhere near the amount of electricity that is brought into my house.

davehougJun. 25, 13 6:07 PM

IF the past could get a do-over I have suggestions: Instead of labeling every skeptic stupid and ruining careers address their point flat on and SHOW why they are wrong. Instead of any reduction is worth any cost go for the best bang for the buck. Instead of absolute the temps will be X higher in X decades, acknowledge there is a range of probable results.

garagewineJun. 25, 13 6:09 PM

"In contrast, the US emissions rate is nearly flat."---In fact, it is declining.

garagewineJun. 25, 13 6:11 PM

"Funny...I think about 800 duck ponds have been drained in the metro area alone over the quest for suburban housing."----And by law those wetlands have been replaced in other locations.


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