Obama opens climate change drive, bypassing Congress and urging action 'before it's too late'

  • Article by: JOSH LEDERMAN , Associated Press
  • Updated: June 25, 2013 - 11:03 PM

WASHINGTON — Appealing for courageous action "before it's too late," President Barack Obama launched a major second-term drive Tuesday to combat climate change and secure a safer planet, bypassing Congress as he sought to set a cornerstone of his legacy.

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stevensp0Jun. 25, 13 6:03 AM

Talk is cheap. Until actual regulations are in place that curtail the grandfathered-in power plants, particularly in the Southeast and West, all this is, is talk. Utilites have been operating coal fired plants with 1950's technonolgy for generations and won't give up until the government forces them to change. States that have vast coal reserves like Illinois, Wyoming, West Virginia, and Pennsylvania, will not give up their industries easily. President Obama has sat on this for 5 1/2 years without action. He knows that no currently existant political force is going to change the Koch brothers or Peabody coal from acting as they wish. It's nice that he's giving the speech. So what. Now we can relisten to the same old silly "debate" and continue to allow the companies to spew their filth in the "spirit of compromise".

nessmessJun. 25, 13 6:37 AM

just a distraction from his other issues....

supervon2Jun. 25, 13 6:45 AM

I see the Kremlin, err-Washington is alive and working well.

unclemushyJun. 25, 13 7:16 AM

I miss hearing about the hole in the ozone layer and global warming. Since May, 2013 there have been many reports that there has been no global warming in the past 15 in spite of increased CO2 levels. If this was real science they could prove their claims that man can affect climate change. They can't. The real motive of the alarmist is more government control, regulation and taxing of the evil corporations.

rickbmnJun. 25, 13 7:30 AM

The first few words of this story say it all: "Taking climate change efforts into his own hands..." Isn't that what Obama is all about? If he doesn't get his way or like the law, he just does things by fiat order. But he (and the global-warming apologists) don't want to acknowledge that there IS NO GLOBAL WARMING. Temps have been flat and/or declining for a decade regardless how much the media and alarmists try to deny. But, then, they don't like FACTS because they are so inconvenient.

fooledmeonceJun. 25, 13 7:39 AM

and the rest of the world, China Asia, are doing what? stop blaming America and punishing us for climate change/whatever, we are small potatoes compared to the real polluters of the world

braxozJun. 25, 13 7:51 AM

unclemushy Jun. 25, 13 7:16 AM I miss hearing about the hole in the ozone layer and global warming. Since May, 2013 there have been many reports that there has been no global warming in the past 15 in spite of increased CO2 levels....Again, just because you say it, doesn't mean it's true. There have been no reports in the scientific journals saying there is no global warming.

mmediaJun. 25, 13 7:56 AM

I miss hearing about Acid-Rain. Oh that's right, that problem was curbed using a program similar to what the president will introduce for CO2. Funny how people accepted that SO2 at problematic levels was emitted by human activity, but won't accept that CO2 is.

treddleJun. 25, 13 8:12 AM

The coal industry estimates there is only 112 years of coal remaining to be consumed. That is not a very long time. Humanity must find alternatives and quickly. We just as well find clean renewable alternatives. To visualize the climate situation pickup a basketball and wrap that basketball in one single sheet of plastic food wrap. Now pretend that the basketball is the Earth and plastic food wrap is the biosphere. Everything that ever lived; all the despotes, dictators, generals, and emperors; all the greatest military campaigns; the most significant of human achievements occured in that thin sheet of plastic wrap that we are pretending is the biosphere. 7 billion humans alive today are consuming and polluting the planet at a rate that would require two Earths to support.

timandtiaJun. 25, 13 8:27 AM

As a fellow Republican, I am ashamed that we have not produced a energy bill. I would also go after the polluting coal power plants. What would happen if these coal power plants are "shut down or slowed down"? Guess what, another type of energy source would have to step in to fill the void (such as nuclear power). Oh by the way, these new energy sources would produce new jobs and replace the one's that were in the coal industry. Come on America, lead the way for our world. Let's start cutting back on air pollution (has anyone of the critics looked at the air in China or India?). Fellow Republicans we can lead so let's get going!


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