NBA draft: Time to Flip the switch

  • Article by: JERRY ZGODA , Star Tribune
  • Updated: June 23, 2013 - 8:56 AM

The first time Flip Saunders conducted a Timberwolves draft, he and former college teammate Kevin McHale had only seven weeks to compile scouting reports, conduct player workouts/interviews and rank the 60 best prospects on a top-secret, ever-evolving list from which they plucked a teenager named Kevin Garnett.

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marcus100254Jun. 22, 1311:29 PM

I am not a hoops expert or follower except for the Gophs, however, after watching T Mbakwe this past season I would not be surprised to see him go undrafted. He might get a shot as a developmental player, but I just don't see him as a fit in the NBA at this point in time. Anyone else feeling this same way??

freedubayJun. 23, 13 8:36 AM

"Saunders said he knows it when he sees it"...Is this the same Saunders that teamed with McFail to draft one bonafide "star". Well they really had two, Garnett and Ray Allan, but we all know that story. Plus Saunders dog pursuit for Randy Foye not only when he was with the Wolves but trading a #1 pick for Foye when Saunders was with Washington. I fear that Saunders doesn't have "it" in judging "it".

jaw99Jun. 23, 13 9:23 AM

when do they show the video of picking of the draft order?

hjlazniJun. 23, 1311:04 AM

The writer needs to get a calculator. Point guards Rubio and Shved shot a combined 3 pt. percentange of .295% and our hero Kevin Love shot .217% and the writer and many fans think that the team needs an off guard. If you think we need improved 3 point shooting then why aren't you demanding that Rubio and Love get replaced? The Wolves need a defensive center as Pek and Love are one of the worst defensive 4 and 5 spot duos in the league. The Wolves usually lose because they get beat by the other teams bigs. The Wolves can trade Williams and Ridnoir and Pek and their draft choices and get the Knicks center, Tyson Chandler, Trey Burke and sign Mo Williams. Burke and Rubio would split the point spot and sometimes play together and Barea and Mo Williams would play the 2 spot. Rubio, Burke, Mo William, Krilenko, Cunnigham, Buddinger, Johnson, Love and Chandler would be a serious outfit for Adelman who wants to win now.

drewman3414Jun. 23, 1311:17 AM

hj lazni chandler is old and looked terrible in the playoffs to much to give up to get him.i think we have the wrong coach because he wants to win now.this team is so young and so far away the best thing we can do is have patience and slowley build this mess.i would rather trade love for all of clevelands picks draft mclemore 1st overall and with our 9th pick take best player cant play D and is always hurt with his stupid hand injuries any way.tell adelman to hit the road and hire sam mitchell or promote terry porter to head coach.

fwallenJun. 23, 1311:30 AM

Every player development, GM or coach of a long tenure will make decisions that hind sight shows to be a mistake. Flip made a a big mistake with Chaucy Billups. I'm sure that's one that haunts him to this day.

fwallenJun. 23, 1311:41 AM

Pek is a fan fav, but as has been pointed out his defense is poor. He's not quick enough to protect the paint consistently. Trading him is only an option if they can get someone better to compliment Love. Barres and Ridinour can play situationally, but neither one should be a starter, and 5 point guards makes no sense and is the vestige of King Kahn, perhaps the worst GM in MN sports history.

garagewineJun. 23, 1312:50 PM

"If you think we need improved 3 point shooting then why aren't you demanding that Rubio and Love get replaced?"---Because those players do other things besides jacking up a bunch of 3s. Quite well, in fact.

boozlesJun. 23, 13 2:31 PM

NBA boring: Time to Flip the channel.

spudman211Jun. 23, 13 7:24 PM

Wow, hjlazni, I know on this board I hear some pretty dumb comments but yours are right up there. Love is one of the best 3 point shooters in the league - you use a stat from a few games while a player is not healthy. And drewman, I liked your opening comment about Chandler but then to suggest to trade Love for a bunch of unknowns shocked me - What are you smoking? Good teams stay the course and let players develop. Give Williams a chance to improve. If he improves this year as much as last year he will be good. Love is a superstar and a pure producer. Not having Love last year is like the Lakers not having Kobe - Love is our best player. I also agree with not trading up. There are no all stars but a lot of starters in this draft.


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