Paula Deen fans vent outrage at Food Network for dumping celebrity cook over past racial slurs

  • Article by: RUSS BYNUM , Associated Press
  • Updated: June 22, 2013 - 3:15 PM

SAVANNAH, Ga. — Watching Paula Deen's cooking show was a weekend ritual for Marilynne Wilson, who says she's furious at the Food Network for dumping the comfort-food queen after she acknowledged using racial slurs in the past.

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ddellwoJun. 22, 13 4:03 PM

Yet another example of political correctness run amok -- WHAT A COMPLETE JOKE!!!! See ya' later, Food Network.......!!!

unionbossmanJun. 22, 13 5:17 PM

I could care less about Deen. Ask yourself if you have ever muttered a disparaging remark about so done who is not like you. Bet you have. Should you lose your job because of it.

bodisaat_vaJun. 22, 13 5:18 PM

i love all the people calling this 'pc' what country did you grow up in? for lots of us, this word is vile and not one i, my family, or people i associate with use. it's not surprising that the c chik-fil-a-patriots are supporting dean down south, i mean, wow, really? she's not taking heat for outing herself as a bigot down south? im shocked. next thing you'll tell me, tea party members still support her too

william2mnJun. 22, 13 5:27 PM

Amazing how some people get bent out of shape over what a basic cable television network does or does not do...

Coach ScottJun. 22, 13 5:53 PM

Paula Deen at the age of 66 needs to go quietly and enjoy retirement or a long vacation. A prolonged fight will only hurt her by polarizing the issue. In a year from now she can come back on another network cooking competition. People will tune in just to see how she is doing. If we have learned anything from this, it is that nothing much has changed in the past 25 years when it comes to the matter of race in the US. Jimmy the Greek made a comment that cost him his career in 1988 and Paula's only saving grace is that her comments are not recent, but rather a recanting of her past. If she does this right, she can save her career. If not, she will be forever branded as the racist chef and no one will go near her. I wish her the best. She seemed like a person with a kind heart who did a lot for her community.

carlbsJun. 22, 13 6:01 PM

"Political correctness"? If you want to be a "celebrity" -- even if it's only the Food Channel -- you just can't go around using the N-word...period. That being said, the use of that word in the South is more tolerated. Just saying...I doubt a lot of her viewership is African American even though she cooks collard greens and grits. Just doesn't appreciate their origins. How about this? Ask some African Americans on the street (not Al Sharpton) what they think about this. If 50% or more say "no big deal" then the network should keep her. Though, having seen her show relative to other more dynamic foodie shows, I think maybe the network was looking for a way to part ways.

calicocamJun. 22, 13 6:56 PM

I don't think anybody is surprised that an elderly white woman who grew up in the American south was taught to use the N-word. Racism is taught and encouraged in some families, and children can be brainwashed into anything. Her problem is that she doesn't seem to have outgrown it. As recently as 2007, she was planning a wedding that featured black people dressed up as slaves. And, by her own words in her deposition, those attitudes infiltrated the workplace she ran. The Food Network was smart to dump her.

jcnewtie1Jun. 22, 13 6:56 PM

coach scott, nice commentary on Paula Deen. She was asked if she ever uttered the word, not if she had done it recently. She's 66, by my math that puts her being born in the late 40s. My guess, just about every southerner born during that time may have used that word. That was before we started integrating. Is she right for using it, obviously no, but lets use some common sense. I'll bet this woman has employed and helped more people of color than you have at any point in time.

treetoad22Jun. 22, 13 7:08 PM

In the meantime, a waste of air like Bill Maher continues to spew the most offensive remarks you've ever heard toward people he despises. Not only does he retain his job, he's not even forced to apologize (which would be an insincere gesture on his part anyway). Paula Deen's comments aren't even in the same league as Maher's daily output. But Maher's defenders always pull out the "he's a satirist and comedian, so the same rules don't apply" nonsense. He's been let off the hook for years with that lame excuse.

sausageJun. 22, 13 7:15 PM

I someday will be condemned for saying the "U word" and the "S word and the "A word" and even the "C word". OK, I will take a chance on being taken away with all of my citizen's rights. These words are the U-nited S-tates of A-merica and the C-constitution. There I said those words that give us the right to a lot of things called rights of free speech. OOPs, since I am only a citizen of the US I may have lost those too--as this article could claim. Perhaps free thought is the only free thing left.


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