Conservatives resist immigration bill and centrist shifts, rebel against 2012 GOP post-mortem

  • Article by: CHARLES BABINGTON , Associated Press
  • Updated: June 22, 2013 - 10:49 PM

WASHINGTON — The Republican Party's road map for winning presidential elections looks hazier than ever as GOP lawmakers and others reject what many considered obvious lessons from Mitt Romney's loss last year.

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avejoeconJun. 22, 13 9:34 AM

Here is the debate in a nutshell. Join the Democrats in an attempt to worsen the country in order to buy votes or have a more difficult time winning the election because you are trying to save the country. Votes vs country. The demcorats have gone to the Votes side long ago. Now, the republicans are leaning that way also. Our country is doomed!

dogmanJun. 22, 13 1:30 PM

Joe, if you see the rejection of the teapublican agenda of repeated attacks against women, minorities, LGBT, the poor, the elderly and the middle class as proof of a democratic scheme to bribe those coalitions for their votes... you're setting yourself up for disappointment every election cycle.

jd55604Jun. 22, 13 7:08 PM

"Party activists appear far from agreed on even basic questions, such as whether to show a more conservative face to voters versus a moderate face, and whether to seek a libertarian-leaning, tea party-backed nominee as opposed to a more traditional Republican such as Romney."........Wow!! The author is actually comparing Libertarians to tea partiers. That's like saying Michelle Bachman and Ron Paul share the same beliefs and principles. Give me a break. Unless the GOP can offer the voters a stark contrast to what the Democrats deliver then they are doomed.

tituspulloJun. 22, 13 7:43 PM

I hope they continue their current trajectory. avejoecon and company are the perfect poster children of how out of step with contemporary society they are. It's really an amazing spectacle to see people that are completely immersed in a world of their own facts. I have a couple of relatives that do nothing but listen to right-wing talk radio everyday. They aren't even the same people anymore. They can't have a conversation about anything without directing it back to their hatred for anyone that doesn't share their twisted ideology. When confronted with facts that dispute their rigid thinking, they simply dismiss them as "bias."

dogmanJun. 22, 13 8:20 PM

"That's like saying Michelle Bachman and Ron Paul share the same beliefs and principles" --they're in the same party... as splintered as it is

kerber12Jun. 23, 1312:52 AM

"The Republican Party's road map for winning presidential elections looks hazier than ever as GOP lawmakers and others reject what many considered obvious lessons from Mitt Romney's loss last year." Obvious lessons? Like finding a way to defeat a Democratic opponent who benefits from a corrupt lamestream media covering his back at every turn? Take the media out of the equation and Romney would be president right now. That's lesson #1. This isn't rocket science.

liora51Jun. 23, 1312:52 AM

jd55604: You say that the GOP must offer a stark contrast to the DEM's or are doomed. Given that the country needs to pull together I believe what would be best for the country is to have the parties much closer together and representing a slight left and right of center.

tooty123Jun. 23, 13 2:43 AM

The GOP can just keep thinking it's their tone and delivery that alienates certain groups. It's their actions, but they truly believe that women, Hispanics, minorities and the young think like they do. It's not what they say,which is sometimes unbelievable, but what they try to do with legislation.

melvinJun. 23, 13 2:53 AM

"House Republicans say the best way to attract Hispanics is with the basic conservative pitch used elsewhere: less government, low taxes, personal freedom." As I see it, the republicans campaign on all that 'stuff.' But once in office government increases to high heaven....aka Reagan and GW Bush. Low taxes have gone up under GOP administrations more then democratic. "personal freedom!" That one takes the cake. Are they blind and dumb or just in plain denial. With all the abortion laws happening..and interfering in bedroom issues, slamming the LGBT community anytime and anywhere they can...aka the GOP in Virginia and Mr. Oops from Texas. IMO that is not government..that is tyranny. And not to forget that episode in the Wisconsin senate going into a hissy fit he breaks the gavel. The GOP has a long way to go.

lakesnloonsJun. 23, 13 7:59 AM

Republicans learned nothing from the last Presidential election! Even with one of their "star" politicians being a young, popular Hispanic; they still oppose the views of a HUGE segment of our population! However, their biggest downfall is not social issues, but economic ones! Their policies caused the largest economic meltdown in 80 years! And once new policy was given time to take effect, we are now "relatively" thriving in GDP growth, employment, housing, and the stock market!! Independent/moderate voters see and acknowledge that. The Republican party does not, and will never admit their failure!


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