Pressure is on Plouffe to produce

  • Article by: La VELLE E. NEAL III , Star Tribune
  • Updated: June 18, 2013 - 8:50 AM

The oft-injured third baseman needs to be consistent with prospects waiting.

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dakotamike99Jun. 18, 13 5:40 AM

'Pressure on Plouffe to produce,' the title could just as easily read "Pressure on Twins to produce." The current state of the ball-club is a direct reflection on just how bad the Twins have drafted and developed and traded players. So now the pressure is all on Plouffe...I'm not defending Plouffe in anyway...but when are the local reporters going to start holding the teams GM and coaching staff accountable?

sche47Jun. 18, 13 5:59 AM

This is a bunch of BS!!! This team is full of underperformers and we pick on Plouffe?? Trevor, get out of Gardenhoserville!! Why aren't we talking about Carroll's consistency?? What a joke this is. Plouffe is a hard worker, good guy and one of the most popular players. Now we're going to talk about upcoming players to take his place. I think we should be talking about who's playing next at 1B, 2B, SS, CF, RF and SP.

lindy_frank123Jun. 18, 13 6:38 AM

hey sche47 but he's not their future at third...he's had his shot...time to give those younger guys one...he just doesn't impress me at all

kleinerpJun. 18, 13 6:46 AM

Trevor Plouffe is not one of the Twins problems. While not a superstar, he is solid, can hit home runs, and is a hard worker. The real problem with the Twins was Bill Smith, who set the franchise back several years with poor trades and letting free agents go for nothing (i.e. Torii Hunter). The other problem is Ron Gardenhire, who manages this team like they are the 1927 Yankees and never steals a base, bunts runners over, executes a squeeze play, or takes a pitcher out before he implodes on the mound. He does eat a lot of sunflower seeds though.

sportcity444Jun. 18, 13 6:53 AM

Really? Plouffe hit over 20 HR one season, and all of a sudden this guy is considered "a bat in the lineup"? Only on the Twins. For one reason or another we've been told time and time again: "at least he can hit". Beg your pardon? He hits .250, guys! Plouffe would be hitting 7th in most MLB lineups - if he even made the roster. When we continuously refer to a player who hit 23 HR a "power guy", things are pretty bleak. Call him what he is: a journeyman and a stop-gap. Hope Sano gets here ASAP.

billybaruleJun. 18, 13 7:16 AM

It is imperative that the Twins take a chance and sign Sano, Buxton to long long term contracts before they come up to the Majors. Teams such as the Twins always get their star players stolen from teams such as the Yankees etc. It is well worth the risk to do it. Sano and Buxton may turn out to be super super stars. Also the Twins should not give up on Plouffe, they always give up way way to soon on players, Plouffe is one of the few Twins that has any power at all. Maybe Plouffe should give No Power Joe Mauer some lessons on power. 25 million for a singles hitter. I'd take a player who consistently hits 30 homers a year over a singles hitter.

olelarsJun. 18, 13 7:24 AM

The problems are three-fold. First and foremost, giving Gardenhire a forum to rip, even mildly, his own players gets him off the hook for doing a very mediocre job of managing people to get them to perform. Second, Gardenhire has become VERY complacent and thinks he can hang on in the court of public opinion by disputing umpire's calls and getting tossed from games vs. doing something/anything. Third, having watched Plouffe play defense, it appears he doesn't realize the speed of the game at this level. He stands back and waits for the ball, then throws late. It's 101 but he approaches it like he is still in high school and can just throw anyone out.

billybaruleJun. 18, 13 7:28 AM

Oh one more thing. What about Mauer always injured or always having to have days off. Joey had some power the last year in the dome he tore the league apart when he came back after missing 2 months. He ended up winning the MVP award and then got his huge contract and then the next season went back to his old ways and now just hit bloopers to left. You see it all the time so called star player sign huge contracts and then get hurt or don't produce. It is like a double edged sword what do you do, should you sign a player to a huge contract and then they don't produce . It seems a player in his contract year always produces then signs a huge contract somewhere and then doesn't produce. The year Morneau got his concussion, it was like the whole team was on the disabled list. It was like everyone was getting hurt or having minor oweeees and didn't want to play.

billybaruleJun. 18, 13 7:40 AM

What kind of trade could you get for Joe Mauer? I know most of you out there think No Power Joe Mauer is a super star. If he would hit at least 20 to 30 homers a year , then I would agree. But this huge guy can't even hit 10 a year. He is a bloop hitter a slap hit to left hitter. If we could trade hit for a home run hitter and a star pitcher I would do it in a heart beat. But not just prospects. Pitching and power wins games. The Twins other than Willingham have neither. Willingham is getting hit all the time now and it is affecting him now. The Twins have no true number one starters. A team has to have at least 2 star pitchers to have any chance at ever winning a World Series.

billybaruleJun. 18, 13 7:46 AM

What about Morneaus lost power. Have you ever watched some of his swings. Sometimes he looks like he swings with his eyes closed.


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