Case against Karkoc could take years

  • Article by: Kelly Smith , Star Tribune
  • Updated: June 15, 2013 - 9:58 PM

The case against 94-year-old Michael Karkoc, accused of being a former SS officer, is likely to be a "race against time," legal experts say.

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justanother1Jun. 15, 13 7:37 PM

Trial?? Since when did this country start giving people a fair trials? Send in a drone, drop a bomb, kill a few neighbor kids---no big deal. That's how they do it everywhere else, why not MPLS??

IceMinnJun. 15, 13 9:15 PM

Even assuming he is the right person and is in fact responsible for atrocities, at his age and that these crimes occurred 70 years ago maybe we ought to just let him live out whatever few years he has left in this world. Yes, it is more than many WWII victims we allowed, allegedly his, but it is the men at the top who are responsible for all of it. The underlings do not have many choices.

tron9000Jun. 16, 13 2:11 AM

Let the punishment fit the crime..

ruphinaJun. 16, 13 7:34 AM

Of course, no matter what the truth is, this man's life, and his children's and possibly even their children are now under a cloud. I just wonder, what if the AP is wrong? It is entirely possible that he had very little choice on whether or not he joined , where he was, or what happened. The "evidence" against him appears to be mostly payroll sheets. If they are wrong, what happens to the AP? Justice would have been to hand over their evidence to investigators, not playing judge and jury in print. Bill G.

wiseguy1Jun. 16, 13 8:20 AM

I think his 70 years of living a productive life without further crime shows that he was not "incorrigible" and that he could function as a wholesome member of society. Punishment at this point would merely be revenge.

deb3331Jun. 16, 1311:29 AM

He wrote a memoir of his time in the military people!! Come on. Sure he's been living in the NE Mpls, surrounded by many people themselves who had family members killed in the Hollucost and led a quiet life. So what? He lied to get into this country. He should be deported annd put on trial. He should be a man, admit what he did, apologize and not hide.

ruphinaJun. 16, 1311:42 AM

deb3331- so you agree that all here illegally (who have by definition lied about their being in this country) should be deported? Bill G.

anneblJun. 16, 13 2:07 PM

@ruphina From what I've read about this case, the military organization that he served in during WWII specifically is the reason that immigration to US was prohibited. Seems to be that this is significant.

theagonybhoJun. 16, 13 2:37 PM

For the crying out loud let it go, hes 94, war is war, bad things happen, what good would it do know to prosecute him now?

milwaukeemnJun. 16, 13 3:36 PM

"These are very high priority cases for the U.S. government" - A 94 year-old who may have led a unit that might have been in the area where atrocities occurred 70 years ago is a high priority? Why?


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